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Get more bang for your marketing buck June 2009
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Regions drive economic recovery 
Advertisers targeting regional consumers are now in a strong position to sell, according to a survey last month by renowned economic forecaster Charlie Nelson.
The research revealed consumers living in regional Australia were now more able and more willing than their city-based counterparts to spend money.
As a result, Nelson predicted a speedy recovery from the Global Financial Crisis.
Drivers behind the rebound appeared to be higher proportion of government stimulus funding and lower debt burden of regional households due to more affordable housing.

TV Trend Alert
The number of people watching WIN News has increased by 20.7 per cent since the addition of Deborah Kennedy to the News team.
Kennedy, who gained a high profile as the presenter of ABC News, is now a WIN News reader and producer.
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Has the world gone Twittering mad?
Or does the latest online social networking phenomenon actually hold glorious untapped potential for marketing your business?
Leave it to RMS, your own personal marketing detectives, to sniff out the answers for you.
Catch you again next month.
Kind regards
Glenn Doust & Ashley Pearce
Bunbury twitter more like tiny whisper
Heard about it, logged on and tried it, didn't like it, now ignoring it.
This is our experience so far of the Twitter stampede and by the look of our quick search for other users in the area, is the shared experience of many folk around these parts.
So how come Hitwise (internet trends analyst) reported Aussie Twitter sign-ups increased by 500 per cent last year with a total user population now of about 780,000?
Why so much talk about the value of Twitter to marketing your business?
And why (apparently) are the biggest number of users savvy professionals aged between  35 and 49?
First it's back to the basics.
Twitter in its own words is: "A service for friends, family and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?".
Still confused? Us too. More investigations, my dear Watson, revealed Twitter is really like a giant international chat room except your statements (or "Tweets") are limited to 140 characters.
Awesome we thought if we could apply this marvelous 140 character limit to our chatterbox kids!
Perhaps not but that is really where the cringe factor sits for most of us, isn't it?
There's already too much chatter. Between email and SMS and Facebook, who wants another medium Tweeting at us for attention?
Or if you're like us, you're just plain scared that great big chunks of your precious time will simply disappear into some Tweeting black hole.
Where's the value for us and you?
The answer is it all depends on how you use it.
Twitter, we've discovered is an excellent medium for connecting you with experts in your field from all around the world.
Imagine that kind of edge for your business?
If your business is tied up with a big brand, you can follow real time conversations about it - find out how the public is receiving and responding to it. You could even participate by asking questions to test your market.
Plus if you can build a following, you can distribute time sensitive information like last minute specials, event details or news.
Many businesses (like Telstra!) have tapped into Twitter for a quick customer support option while others use it to drive traffic to their websites.
So with all that in mind, should you bother to leap into Twitter?
The jury is still out here at RMS so we haven't yet but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.
Before you even dip your toe in the water though, make sure you have a plan. Work out what you want to achieve with your Twittering, how you're going to get there and what success will look like.
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