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Buy mum a goat this Mother's Day
She'll love you for it.
Mother's Day is on Sunday and if you haven't picked out a gift yet, you could purchase something from the World Vision Smiles Catalogue (like a goat for $39) and you will also be helping to provide practical, life-improving necessities for children, families and communities in need.
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TV Ratings
While latest research on the viewing habits of regional WA television audiences showed a continued preference for GWN during prime time, Win television has experienced a 7 per cent rise in audience share during this time slot.
The result at this stage, is being attributed to the addition of high profile former ABC journalist Deborah Kennedy to the WIN News team with audience numbers almost doubling during her 6.30pm to 7pm timeslot.
AGB Nielsen Media Research has released its Survey 2 findings which measured television audience numbers between March 8, 2009 and April 4.
It showed a minor increase in audience share for GWN across the day in the Total Population category.
A snapshot of the data showed a 68.5 per cent commercial share for GWN and 31.5 per cent for WIN.
We'll be watching for the results of Survey 3 with anticipation to see if the Kennedy factor has any further impact on prime time viewing habits.
Most popular programmes across most demographics during Survey 2, continued to be the likes of Seven News, Today Tonight, Packed to the Rafters and Underbelly - Tale of Two Cities.
For our more detailed analysis of Regional WA television ratings click here.
Data Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research
Software Source: Arianna V6
Survey 2, 2009
(Mar 8 to April 4)
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Thank you to those people who kindly attended our seminar last week on The Value of Email Marketing.
We received some great feedback on the information presented by E-newsletter specialist Kristy Hitchens from Brown Mouse Communications.
We'll be holding another one soon so stay tuned if you missed out this time round.
In the meantime, this month's newsletter talks about building your business through this fabulous new trend called CSR.
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Glenn Doust & Ashley Pearce
The sweet sound of CSR
Today we're talking about CSR - and nope, not the sugar brand kind.
CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility - we know you've heard of it because in 2009, it seems like one of those trendy things to be doing.
Think Coles and its Victorian Bush Fire Appeal or Starbucks' well-publicised work on improving the lives of poverty-stricken coffee farmers for example!
Big companies are definitely embracing it but is the concept of CSR about as lasting as hyper-colour t-shirts (remember those?)?
We decided to do some digging and now we're going to share our discoveries with you.
It didn't take us long to figure out that CSR (is not just a brand of sugar and...) is no fair-weather fashion trend.
Mission Australia defines it as a business's commitment to operating in a way that not only takes financial implications into account when making decisions, but also social and environmental ones.
Encouraging business big and small to embrace CSR is something that high level bureaucracies all over the world are studying closely.
Seems like the biggest obstacle really is education. People don't know what it's about or confuse it with things like sponsorship, which you could probably called a "dumbed-down" version of CSR.
Anyways, what was of real interest to our marketing minds was all this sweet evidence about the relationship between CSR and brand building.
Generally speaking, consumers are indicating a strong bias towards companies demonstrating a commitment to principles of CSR.
A recent poll of 645 women by marketer Heat Group found 70 per cent of respondents said awareness of a company's activities in the area of CSR influences their purchasing decisions.
Right now you're thinking that's all well and good if you are a big brand with lots of money to throw around on this sort of thing - that's because we were too.
Until we discovered the work of many experts on CSR and SMEs.
They are all focused on the collective influence of SMEs - especially since, according to the Australian Bureau of Stats, 90 per cent of all employing businesses have less than 20 employees.
So here's 10 simple actions you can take in your business to build an effective CSR approach:
  • Recycle printer and toner cartridges
  • Buy and use fairly traded products like tea and coffee
  • Promote alternative forms of transport to work like walking or car pooling.
  • Set up a payroll giving scheme for your staff
  • Make sure lights, computers and other equipment are switched off at the mains every night.
  • Pay staff, suppliers and creditors on time.
  • Turn the office heating system down and have it checked regularly.
  • Replace all lighting with low energy light bulbs.
  • Print double-sided where possible and only print the first page of emails.
  • Set up and promote flexible working for your staff.
Source: www.smallbusinessjourney.com
For the most awesome and creative example of CSR we've ever come across, visit the Gruen Transfer website and check this out...
Maybe you've already embraced CSR in your business. Email us with your examples and we'll publish them in our next newsletter.
Benefits of CSR for SMEs 
  1. Attraction and retention of valued employees
  2. Development of unique selling propositions and competitive advantage
  3. Cost and efficiency savings
  4. Enhanced reputation

Source: Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

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