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 Coffs coast surf newsletter 10th August 2009

Golden hook

Early mornings have been chilly, but pretty, see a few more from this session at.
   "surf pics from late July / early August"
No large winter swells to speak of over the last month, but the weather is flawless. Light winds and clear skies have put a smile of everyones face. There has been a few waves for those that have cared to search, with a some suprise sandbanks turning on some quality small waves on the right tides.
The one new gallery up this week is titled "surf pics from late July/early August. It has a selection of images taken from 4 shoots at 4 different locations. 

sunrise logger

 Best time of the day

We have this week joined the world of blogging. I have been inspired and encouraged by Nathan Oldfield who is a very talented film maker and photographer from the central coast. He runs a blog named "Look and Sea" which is a hugely popular site with many groovy links off it.
Many reckon the blogs are going to overtake the "old style" websites in the future.
Log on to our blog at
This blog will be updated daily with whatever we are photographing at the time. Also we will endevour to post up interesting links and surf movie clips. Put the address in your favourites and see something new everday! 
Going fishing 
Sage Joske makes beautifully crafted "fish style" boards under the Valla surfboards label
check out some info at his website 
A small selection of our work will be on display at Macauleys beach this weekend. We have been asked to show our work at the Christian surfers comp, which is to be held on the 15th & 16th August.
From what I've been told, it is a pretty major event with some big name surfers winning it in the years gone by. If there is some swell around it may well be worth getting down to take in the action, and while your there find the tent with our work inside.

out there!

All of the images in the surf galleries are for sale and are printed on high gloss professional paper or mounted on canvas, acrylic or aluminium all ready to hang.
click here to go to our price list. Regular framing can also be arranged. Commercial licensing of any surf images is also available contacts us with details of usage for a quote
Found this little clip a few weeks ago, it is of Dane Reynolds and Dan Malloy going surfing in super small waves using some alternative craft. It opens your mind up to what is possible when everyone is saying "there's no waves today" Its about 12 mins long and may provide the inspiration you need to deal with the tiny surf we have been getting over the last month. Click below to see the clip.
Reports are pointing toward a medium sized east swell to pulse for the rest of the week. Mostly northerly winds will keep day temps up and the back beaches will be the hot spots. The weekend is a way off yet, but the good wind conditions are set to continue with a drop in swell size. Should be something for everyone over the next 7 days.

harley tail drop

 Harley Ingleby stomped on the competiton in Japan recently to win the first World Longboarding tour event of 2009...... nice work mate!
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Happy surfing
Tom & Sherrin Woods 
Tom & Sherrin Woods
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