Keystone Indoor Kicks News Update
Sept 30, 2010

We wish to remind you that our league programs are approaching fast only days remain to our discount deadlines.

Special Update: The Penn West Futsal State Cup Tournament has changed dates to January 21, 22, 23, 2011 please adjust your calendars.
The Futsal Clubs listed below are inviting players from all over PaWest. If your team or club is not Playing Futsal or you are stuck just training, here is your way to indoor soccer fun and improving yourself. Remember that playing the game is the best teacher not just doing endless training ! Play as often as you can in whatever group you can. Enjoy and express your style in Futsal the worlds greatest indoor game. Become a Futsal Rebel play for the fun of playing organize your own team and get your game on ! If you want to play try joining a club or get your own team together and do what you want to do. Remember, sometimes it is good to be a rebel sometimes ! Up the Rebels !

End of Outdoor Season is near!  Rush for Futsal Begins !

As the end of outdoor season is nearing, and interest in Futsal is ramping up. Tom Hensler Chairmen of Penn West Futsal Says ," The interest level is definitely building, for last 2 weeks calls for information have multiplied by a factor of 10. I'm answering a lot of calls about Futsal. There seems to be an increased increased acceptance of Futsal as the preferred indoor game for training players of all ages. Ball control and creativity are the results of playing this game." Asked if he sees a bright future for this year ? Tom said,"This is a bad economy, but coaches and parents alike are looking for bargains and Futsal provides a lot of those, its cheaper than most indoor soccer and it takes less players to have a team" In particular he is pleased with the emphasis on recruiting Adult Leagues, and Inhouse youth leagues. "Those were the most undeserved parts of soccer, that were not part of Futsal, this years effort encompass them and innovates in other areas of Futsal." I belive we should be looking at another good season".

Keystone Indoor Kicks is reminding all teams that they are still taking team sign-ups up through Nov 3, 2010 To contact them visit their website listed below.


The Azzurri Futsal Club is dedicated to developing and expanding the game of Futsal in Western Pennsylvania. We strive to achieve the highest level of professionalism as well as the highest quality coaching for all participants. Teams and players are identified and properly placed in a league or division that will help them grow and develop. 

  Our coaching philosophy differs from most of today's systems that allow coaches to manipulate statistical results and control players in restrictive ways some time to their detriment. This becomes more evident each season as creative development dies and most players fail to achieve their potential. Win oriented coaching methods, do not always paint the true picture about talent and development of a player but instead feed the ego based coaches' appetite for power and control. 

  By working with a small group of Futsal players, we can concentrate on creative skills, decision making and lastly tactical play to develop better players for the long run.  Once we take away a player's fear of causing a mistake and potentially giving up a goal or causing their team to "lose" the development process takes off and that is when the player grows.

  The Azzurri teams that have been successful in the past have done so because the players were able to play freely and develop great individual skills.  Once those skills have been developed we further challenge the player by forming tactical teams which can compete with the best players and teams in the region.




Our Website:




The Barbarian FC continues to set the standard in youth football with regard to the development of players. It is the only club in Western PA that does not have try-outs or cut players from its ranks yet remains the most competitive in this area, regionally, and nationally.  Our methods are proven.  We are the only club continually working to develop the ability of its members' consistency and skill, as players and people.  We have often been imitated but never quite duplicated.

For players who are committed to the improvement of their overall insight and understanding of the game, futsal is the only training tool that consistently improves a players' ability to attack and defend the counter attack, confidence with the ball, first touch, foot skill, speed of play (decision making, execution and recognition), and fitness level, simultaneously. If you are committed to competitive football, and more appropriately competitive futsal then those who are members know, 'Your Goal is Ours'. When looking for a Futsal Club, remember the Barbarian FC is the one independent club in Western PA with no outdoor club affiliations or, any one community.   

Serious inquiries are addressed through email by the club manager, David W. Sayles, All training is under the direct supervision of Delroy "Lucky" Russell Western PA's most widely known youth coach. For more information visit our website,



Complete Moves Academy provides Excellent futsal and soccer training in the Western Pennsylvania area.  We have created an atmosphere where the committed players train to improve their skills in an environment that emphasizes training, perseverance and most of all positive reinforcement.  Complete Moves provides technical and tactical training for beginners through advanced players entering grades 4-12. Our futsal training take place at a few locations Franklin Regional Middle school gym and CCAC boyce campus gym. Visit our web site for more details.

Web Site: Complete Moves Website


E-mail Complete Moves



 Mallorca Futsal Club playing the Worls best Indoor Game !


Mallorca Futsal Club is offering several levels of membership for the 2010-2011 Winter season.  Since the Prime Futsal League has now been converted into one 12 game session, it makes more sense to join Mallorca Futsal Club.  The games and training will not interfere with your Christmas holiday or your club teams earlier outdoor starts in March and April.


Mallorca teached ball control, quick reactions and executions, 1v1 and 2v1 skills, and finishing accuracy.  Visit for more information and pricing. 


U6 - U8 Players and Coaches - Mallorca Futsal Club is offering an introduction to Futsal for the winter session.  Details are available from Terrie Harsch at


All U8 - U16 Players - Contact Terrie Harsch at for information on available openings per age groups.


U8 - U16 Coaches - we have packages for your team who has their own practice facility and are looking for advanced training with our coaches and league games at Monroeville Sports Center.  We also have packages for your team using our practice facility with our coaches, and also league play at Monroeville Sports Center.


High School Players - We are forming teams that play league play 1 night a week.  Come and have fun with continued touches on the ball, and be ready for the beginning of your outdoor season in March. 


 Visit for more information and pricing.  Contact Terrie Harsch, Club President,  for any and all questions at



The Winter 2010-2011 Futsal Training will begin in November! 


Play Futsal with the All Americans Futsal Club!

Welcome to All American Futsal Club.  We are a club that specializes in advancing the foot and game skills of our members.   These skills they learn will not only increase their performance on the futsal court, but will also directly carry over to the outdoor soccer game as well. 


Our training staff is an experienced group of coaches that not only have the skills and the experience to pass onto our young players; but they will also pass along their passion, love and respect for the game as well.  


We will tailor a program that best fits the child and also the family's needs.   A member has the option of not only training with our expert staff, but also playing games in a futsal league. 


In January of 2010, we had very good success in the State Cup tournament.  One of our teams was the State Cup runners up in their age group.  Another team won the State Cup and went on to win the Northeast Regional Championship in their age group.  Also, some of our training staff played on the Open Men's State Cup Championship team.    


Please visit our website to meet our staff and learn more about us.


Website: All American Futsal Club

Thank you, and see you PLAYING FUTSAL..


Mr Kicks
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