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The Leader Who Had No TitleRobin Sharma

This is an easy to read fable that shows how everyone in your organization can be a leader.  I like the simplicity of the story and the strength of the message.  This is a great resource for building leaders throughout your organization.    


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We are indeed living in interesting times.  The macro business environment is very murky these days. Greek debt, Euro solvency, wild stock market swings, political uncertainty, federal and state deficits, rising inflation, and high unemployment dominate the headlines. It is hard to be confident in anything these days.  As a leader or owner of your own company, you have a great responsibility and opportunity. You are in control of your business, regardless of the national or international news.  Things might be tough in your marketplace but you still have decisions on how to operate your business.  You may have to make cuts or changes in your organization, or you may be fortunate and be experiencing growth in your business.  It is not important whether things are strong or slow, you are responsible to be a leader for your business.  You need to be making decisions on how and where to invest and how to assure your company is strong years into the future. 


You should understand that no matter what is happening in your business right now, your staff is living in an uncertain world.  You have the opportunity to provide leadership, opportunity, confidence and stability to your staff.  People are looking for an escape from negativity and that is your opportunity.  You can provide stability and confidence in a turbulent world.  Now is your time to be a leader and to provide a clear message and direction for your staff.  Work to emphasize the underlying purpose of the work that you do - you exist to restore people's lives while restoring their property or you can provide job stability when restoring a commercial property.  Either of these ideas can be a compelling vision for your staff and provide confidence and esteem in their place of work.  You can make your business a reprieve from the negativity in the outside world.  Your employees will perform better when they feel good about the work they perform and the place they work.


One thing that you can do to improve your opportunity for success is to improve your service.  Below are some new thoughts on providing exceptional customer service.


Best Regards,



Phillip Rosebrook, JR

Partner Business Mentors and ELC Training




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Exceptional Service is a Decision

Customer service is not an activity or a department rather it is an attitude and series of decisions.  You can take steps in your business to provide exceptional customer service and you may find that this is one of the lowest cost and highest impact changes that you can make in your business. 


Often great service is simply the result of how you do something rather than what you do. When you understand this then you can understand that great service is all about a decision to speak or act deliberately. The other day I was at the airport in Chicago getting ready for a flight to Portland.  The captain stepped up to the microphone in the boarding area.  My first thought was that this will not be good news.  I have heard pilots in the boarding area only about 2 other times and each was bad news. To my surprise the pilot welcomed us to the flight and thanked us for flying United Airlines.  He continued to tell us about the flight and then said that he looked forward to flying with us that evening.  I was surprised to hear good rather than bad news.  When I stepped on the plane the flight attendant was in her typical place at the door of the airplane and the pilot was standing right next to her welcoming everyone on board and handing out a card that had information about the 757 that we were flying on that evening.  Due to my frequent flyer status I was upgraded on the flight that evening.  During the flight each of the flyers in the section was handed a business card from the pilot with a personal thank you note written on the back.  Near the end of the flight there was an announcement from the purser about the cards that were handed out when we entered the plane.  She asked us to look at the cards and if there was a particular mark on the card, those two people should ring there call buttons and the attendant would deliver a bottle of wine to take home, compliments of the captain. 


This is an interesting story and when you look at the details there are a couple of really salient points to be taken from this series of events.  The first thing that comes to mind is that if the pilots on every plane took the same time and effort to appreciate their clients it could make a huge difference to the company.  Another thing that I noticed was that this set of events cost very little if any money or time.  This pilot did not spend any more time to deliver exceptional customer service rather he made deliberate decisions on how to spend his time.  At this point you should realize that this example of great service was simply a personal decision to deliver great service. 


Since my flight I have seen Captain Flannigan featured in the Wall Street Journal, several email updates and a book.  What would be the impact if the airline could harness this effort and embark on a companywide campaign to deliver exceptional service on every flight?  I suspect that this would be an incredible undertaking but perhaps might be worth the effort - this low cost, high impact campaign could transform an airline. 


What can you do in your business that empowers and challenges your front line staff to dramatically exceed your customer's expectations?  You may be lucky and have a couple of motivated people that will perform exceptionally well, but that will not often happen without your guidance.  Your challenge is to create a company culture that causes your employees to make a decision and take steps to deliver their service in a deliberate and exceptional manner - it could transform your business.





 ELC Training

ELC Training is an essential element of a growing restoration company.  Imagine a turn key orientation program that provides tools to new employees to understand our industry and hit the ground running.  We have over 48 individual sessions covering 12 restoration subjects.  With nearly 15,000 reviews we have an over 90% approval rating.  Please visit the site for more information and if you wish a  free pass to view more of the content please send me an EMAIL and I will set up a full access pass.  


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In Their Own Words...


I just wanted to take a moment to say "thank you" for all you did for all of us at EDR over the years.  Your guidance was valuable and insightful.  Your hospitality was over the top, and your friendship will be treasured forever.  You folks are a class act and we are better as a company, as well as human beings, because of you.


Bill Prosch
El Dorado Restoration

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