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Restoration Excellence Training - 48 hours online restoration training 

ELC Training is a Training system designed to improve internal training and orientation and is available for most positions in your restoration company.  We have over 48 hours training - on Demand from some of the best instructors in the industry.  


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We are pleased to have Bruce Grove on our staff. Bruce is an entrepreneur with a long and successful history in insurance and restoration. Learn more

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Boys Should be Boys
Meg Meeker

I love Meg Meeker's Books.  She has such an easy to read style and great messages.  This is a book for fathers of boys.  She explains the needs and young boys and the parent's role in raising young men.  


 Get the book


I Hope you are having a great summer.  I am busy trying to juggle family activities, events, along with working on our business.  I have started a new linkedin group for restoration owners and managers, you can learn more about that below.  I hope that you would stop by and participate.  The feature article below is a short thought on Leadership.  The entire article can be found in the next issue of Restoration and Remediation magazine. 


I hope you are having a great summer and you are finding a good balance between your family and your business.




Phillip Rosebrook JR, CR 

Partner Business Mentors and ELC Training.



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Measurements and Accountability

Effective restoration companies have timely measurements for key business activities and individual performance.  In the absence of proper measurements a manager is forced to be subjective in decision making.  Timely reports allow for proper management and allow the managers to analyze trends rather than individual activity.  As a matter of fact I believe that timely measurements are a requirement for growth.  A business that tries to grow without objective measurements is the equivalent of driving down a dark road with no headlights - you will eventually hit something.  The successful businesses that I have observed use measurements and reports to track performance and make needed adjustments.  If you are feeling uncomfortable about your company or direction I will guess that you are weak in this area. Visit the linkedin discussion regarding measurements in successful companies - RESTORATION BUSINESS OWNERS AND MANAGERS GROUP. 





 ELC Training

ELC Training is an essential element of a growing restoration company.  Imagine a turn key orientation program that provides tools to new employees to understand our industry and hit the ground running.  We have over 48 individual sessions covering 12 restoration subjects.  With nearly 15,000 reviews we have an over 90% approval rating.  Please visit the site for more information and if you wish a  free pass to view more of the content please send me an EMAIL and I will set up a full access pass.  


Art Johnson of Canstar Recognized
March 2011 - Art Johnson from Canstar Restoration has been a long term client of Business Mentors.  We are pleased to announce that Art is the 2011 recipient of the Martin King award from the Restoration Industry Association. Congratulations to Art - a well deserved award from someone that has given a lot to the industry.   
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In Their Own Words...


Our company has grown in both sales volume and profits but more importantly it has become a place of work that my employees and I appreciate being a part of. The buy in that has been created in this place is amazing and with out your help and efforts we could not have achieved this.



Peter Overgaauw
PDS Brantford

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I am very happy to announce that we will not be participating in any events for the remainder of 2011. 

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