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The Ultimate Sales Machine
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This is a great book on igniting your sales activities.  I like that the first half of the book talks about what you need to do to build a business that can sustain radical growth.  After this discussion on foundation building you will learn effective tools to leverage your sales.   


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In conjunction with the RIA Conference in March, I attended a meeting that was set up and hosted by Pete Consigli as a representative of the restoration industry.  Contractors, an insurance representative and third party administrators were present at the meeting.  The purpose was to start a discussion on how the restoration industry could work with the insurance industry to address key issues - or at least start a dialog.  This was an interesting and necessary meeting. I look forward to the continuation of this dialog. 

North of the border the Canadian Restoration contractors have formed a trade group to address issues in common for all restoration contractors.  You can learn more about that group in the article written by Dan Murray.  I would like to thank Dan for his work on writing this summary. 

This association is of interest and and relevant to all restoration contractors across North America.  I applaud the leaders in Canada for putting this group together. 



Phillip Rosebrook JR, CR  

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RCOC Unveiled in Canada

RCOC is a national, not-for-profit association formed as a strategic alliance committed to serving Canada's full service restoration industry.  While led by volunteers, it has hired a professional manager, Sheryl McKean, to coordinate and manage the day to day operations of the organization. This organization was established in 2008 to bring together companies with common goals of bettering Canada's disaster restoration industry.  During the keynote address at the conference the RCOC made a full presentation to the industry disclosing its goals, vision and membership plans.


With eight of the largest disaster restoration banner groups in Canada being the first to join this organization, they employ more than 10,000 professionals in more than 400 locations from coast to coast. These members stimulate Canada's economy by generating more than $1.2 billion in annual revenue.

The Vision of RCOC is committed to representing Canada's full-service restoration industry. Their Mission is to promote the image and interests of Canada's full service restoration contractors to industry stakeholders and the public.

Ken Robinson (President of Paul Davis Services of Canada) is the first Chair of the Restoration Contractors Organization of Canada.   During his presentation he stated the main advocacy focuses of this group  will be; Health & safety matters, taxation at both the provincial and federal levels, workers compensation and insurance premiums, appropriate business categorization by lenders and regulators and gain recognition as specialists in the area of disaster restoration while increasing public awareness of our professionalism and expertise.  Then Sheryl McKean, the first General Manager of the group presented her background, vision and summary plan for this organization.


RCOC was formed because independent restoration companies trying to initiate change in key areas that affect their business met with little success.  Key industry leaders recognized that a larger voice was needed.  It was determined that an association making up a majority of the industry would be far more successful in being heard.  With that in mind, RCOC was formed to ensure that all stakeholders in the restoration process, from regulators to the public we serve, understand and recognize the importance of Canada's full-service restoration industry and the challenges that it faces. 


Currently their focus is on matters relating to health & safety and they are looking at ways for promoting the many safe practices in our industry.  They will also be working with regulators to achieve more appropriate regulatory categorizations which more accurately reflect the special nature of our business.  They believe that being recognized as a distinct industry and accurately categorized (i.e. not being 'lumped in' with general contractors) will result in benefits to there members and all industry stakeholders. 


The main goal of this industry organization is to ensure that the disaster restoration industry's voice is heard.   Members of RCOC share common concerns, pressures and limitations.  Working as a group they hope to be able to address these matters and bring about positive change in our industry. RCOC plans to communicate with  its members on a regular basis providing progress reports, surveying our industry and inviting input on key issues. This is a lofty goal and I can only hope that by locking arms together as an industry, regardless of what colour or banners we wear, this organization will be a huge success and greatly enhance this great business we call Disaster Restoration.


The eight banner groups that have joined this organization so far are Paul Davis Systems Canada, Ltd. (PDS), First General Services Canada, ServiceMaster Restore, Belfor Property Restoration, Canadian Disaster Restoration Group (CDRG), Disaster Kleenup Canada Ltd. (DKC), FirstOnSite Restoration L.P. and Winmar Property Restoration Specialists

If you wish more information on this organization or to become a member contact President, Sheryl McKean at 647-289-1773 or .



 ELC Training
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The investment was well worth it. I wish you continued success, as your innovative and comprehensive training package has certainly added to ours.
Ron Reese
Ree-Construction, Bellevue, Idaho


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Our company has grown in both sales volume and profits but more importantly it has become a place of work that my employees and I appreciate being a part of. The buy in that has been created in this place is amazing and with out your help and efforts we could not have achieved this.



Peter Overgaauw
PDS Brantford

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