Business Mentors Leadership & Business Development Summit

April 27-28, 2011


Below is a video link from our Business Development Summit from last year.  The Summit is designed for owners and senior managers of restoration companies.  The theme this year is Leadership.  Please note the early registration expires on the 15th of March. 


Summit Details


The 3rd Annual Business Mentors Summit will make a difference in your company.  You will learn from some of the best business minds in the world and some of the best minds in restoration during this dynamic event.


Our speaker list includes                                                    
  • Warner Cruz, President JC Restoration 
  • Mark Springer, President Dayspring Restoration
  • Sam DeAth, President Benefect
  • Larry Janesky, President Cleanspace
  • Phillip Rosebrook JR, Parner Business Mentors
  • David Ellings, President Quantum Companies
  • David Cottrell, President Cornerstone Leadership Group
  • More.. 


 JCR Classroom


We are very excited about the group of speakers for the event this year.  They will certainly challenge you to become a better leader and to create a more successful restoration company.  We are excited to welcome Sam DeAth back to our event this year.  View the link below for a link to his presentation last year.  He is preparing a great new presentation for this year.

Sam DeAth - Business By Design- Business Mentors Summit 2010
Sam DeAth - Business By Design- Business Mentors Summit 2010

Visit our site to learn more.  All registration is done through the website.  Email for more information.  Email LInk 

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Thanks for your interest and sign up today to reserve your spot.




Phillip Rosebrook
Business Mentors
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