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ELC Training is a Training system designed to improve internal training and orientation and is available for most positions in your restoration company.  We have over 48 hours training - on Demand from some of the best instructors in the industry.  


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Ken Tucker currently consults with Business Mentors clients in Canada and the USA and overseas the Canadian operations.  A Veteran of the property damage repair industry for over 40 years, Ken has worked with 4 organizations to develop a multiple branch office system opening 15 offices with sales in excess of $50,000,000.  Ken has authored and presented courses on water, fire, scoping and mould for adjuster and broker accreditation in many Canadian provinces.  Ken has a BSc. BA undergraduate degree and an MBA.

Ken has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine for his Leading Edge marketing programs.  Before joining Business Mentors, Ken was the Managing Partner of CSAR Management Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a full service, $16,500,000, Restoration Company comprising of 4 offices in South Central Alberta.  Ken is also a Past President and Chairman of the Board of Disaster Kleenup Canada, a capacity in which he served for 5 years.

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Larry Janesky leads you through a struggling business.  Many of you may think that he was looking into your business.  This is a good book about determining your business destination and then establishing a plan to get there.
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I am pleased to have another perspective today from Ken Tucker.  Ken is a consultant with Business Mentors and primarily works in the Canadian Market.  Things are changing in Canada and business has been down particularly in the Ontario area.

Often contractors will look for new staff as an instant solution. Ken warns that a successful performer in one company does not always lead to success in a new environment. 


Thank you for reading and best regards,


Phillip Rosebrook JR

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A bright light burning on a competitor's tree might not burn as bright on yours...because their success may not be entirely their own.

I have spent well over 45 years in the restoration industry.  The property damage repair industry has been in one of the longest slumps I have ever witnessed and I am frequently getting calls to look at resumes for companies seeking instant cures by poaching employees with big reputations from competitive firms. Here in Canada, recruiters predict that as the economy picks up, so too will this war for talent. But the fixation on attracting star employees may actually benefit neither the worker nor the boss. You can and may well overpay for talent or existing employees may resent the new hire, especially, and it too often does, details of the new hire's compensation package leaks. But most troubling is the fact that the star recruit's performance can suffer a lasting decline after jumping ship.


Recent studies of nearly 400 job shifts showed their performance generally declined. In some cases, it didn't recover for as long as five years. The same pattern is likely to occur in our industry.

 I believe from studying many restoration industry firms and researching the situation in other industries, that exceptional performance can't be simply transplanted. We prefer to think that our knowledge and skills are our own and we can take them with us wherever we go, a belief that helped entrench a "free agent" philosophy of employment. The theory has not been subjected to much empirical study, however, there is new work which suggests that our work environments and relationships with colleagues and teams have more influence on our accomplishments than we are inclined to believe.


The project manager's or estimators job, for example, relies heavily on an extensive network of co-workers, from project manager assistants or associates who complete much of the paperwork or call for subcontractor bids to establish tight price quotes. Developing a new network from scratch at another company takes time, and the calibre of associates may not be the same. Indeed, I have reviewed situations where project managers who left for firms with less diversity (mainly defined as smaller) suffered the sharpest and longest performance declines.

Team dynamics also contribute to the length of time new hires spend underperforming expectations. A study by European executive-search firm Egon Zehnder International found that chief marketing personnel and operations managers had the shortest stints in their positions. It's no coincidence those jobs require the most interaction with different departments.


I believe for the restoration industry that blindly chasing stars is a poor strategy. Developing talent internally is cheaper, and generally less risky. I don't suggest that companies should stop poaching; they just need to do it with precision. David Cottrell, who will be speaking at the Business Mentors Leadership Conference April    in Chicago, is a must attend. In Cottrell's fabulous book "Monday Morning Leadership', Lesson 5, "Hire Tough", he recommends, "Never lower your standards just to fill a position! You'll pay for it later."


If your choice is to lure top performers, bringing them from smaller, lower profile firms usually achieves greater success and the candidate can grow faster. Smaller operations tend to have fewer resources workers can rely on, providing a clearer picture of their own abilities. You know then that their star quality is more likely them and not those possibly surrounding them.

God willing and good medicine I hope to see everyone in Chicago in April.


Kenneth T. Tucker


 ELC Training
In their own words...

To Whom it may concern:

I just wanted to take a moment to commend you and your organization for the excellent quality you have put into the ELC training program.  Over the years in this industry I have participated in a great deal of training and have enrolled in a number of informational sites.  The ELC Training is far and away superior to any others like it.  Often companies compile videos of live sessions, which are good and useful, but the quality of sound and production of your video training makes it easier to hear and feels like I am actually attending the session in person.
The quality and applicability of the topics and information are pertinent to our business.  They were obviously created by people who are in the business, know the needs of our business, and know what they are doing.  On the technical side, the infrared camera training is the best available on CD, online, or anywhere.
As a general manager in our industry, I appreciate your focused work in creating this program.  I have made ELC training a requirement for everyone in our organization.  I look forward to completing every one of the modules myself.  Thank you.
Jeff Heyd  WRT, ASD, CDS, AMRT
General Manager
Flood Response
Thousand Palms, CA


Leadership and Business Development Summit - April 27, 28, 2011 - Chicago, IL

The Business Mentors Summit is filling up.  We are excited about the best event yet with a great line up of speakers, great networking and a tour of one of the finest facilities in the restoration industry.   Visit our Summit website for an agenda and more information 

In Their Own Words...


The main reason we signed up with Business Mentors was not to make more money, but to get the business operating efficiently so we could someday have a family. In my eyes, the most important thing in the world is to be a good parent. The way I lived before the Mentors program I could not have been a good father. You and your team have provided me with the tools and ideas to make things work effectively so that I could accomplish my goal of becoming a father.



Devlin Helferty

Helferty's Restoration 


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