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 Welcome to the 11th issue of COLLECTIVE VOICE, Immigration News You Can Use!

Collective Voice provides updates, information and news regarding immigration, and domestic and sexual violence.
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 Crossing Borders for You!


Last month we took flight! We traveled from Olympia to Yakima to Bellingham and back for Regional Legal Advocacy Meetings that focused on a complex topic identified by our crossing borders advocates, dependency cases and the welfare system.

We learned from you that dependency and welfare cases are complicated, especially for immigrants, and overall there is lack 

of resources, such as interpretation in court, and law enforcement and border patrol systems advocacy.


Paola on her way to a
Regional Advocacy Meeting
The goods news is that we found many opportunities to talk about community resources and found many similarities between what you are all experiencing in your work. This means we can all work together and learn from one another on how to advocate for immigrants who are entangled in these systems.


In light of these conversations,

in this issue we included

a Language Access section, which is dedicated to providing resources on how you can improve your work with Limited English Proficient survivors. We hope you enjoy!


In the News

Sheriff refers DV survivor to ICE:
Read about how DV Advocates worked in community to bring to light the problems with this strategy for immigrant victims.

Read Northwest Immigrant Rights Project's Announcement: A precedent-setting decision from the USDA's Office o
f the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights that advocates need to know. 


Legal Watch 
The Human Rights Watch recently published a report highlighting harassment and sexual violence experienced by farmworkers 
in the United States. 

In light of developments pertaining to the VAWA, this report specifically addresses the need for policy that protects immigrant farmworkers.

Language Access


The Department of Justice recently revised Executive Order 13166: Improving Access for Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency. Here you can read the most recent revision.


Are you interested in improving how you work with Limited English Proficient survivors?  Watch this video, and use this guide to start a conversation about how your organization works with LEP survivors.


You Report!

We want to hear from you about the challenges faced in your community when it comes to perpetrator treatment, language and culture. It is only 5 questions, and your answers 

help inform our trainings!


Take the Survey Here! 

Advocacy Highlight: Embracing Culture and Standing Up for Women's Rights


"As a [Muslim] woman you can hold strong to culture and religion and also stand up for your rights" says Deka Moalim.

Deka Moalim 


In this article Deka talks about the challenges and successes of working with East African muslim, immigrant women who are impacted by domestic violence. 


Read the full article


Be in the Know!


Do you want to learn more about immigration issues? Northwest Immigrant Rights Project has a list of books to read and videos to watch that will get you up to date on issues faced by immigrants. Check it out here!


Mark Your Calendar

The next few months are full of webinars and trainings brought to 

you by WSCADV and beyond!


Trainings by WSCADV:


Immigration Options: Legal Remedies through VAWA distance learning course. Work at your own pace! 



Trainings by other organizations:


Don't Let Prevention Stand Alone: Integrating Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Efforts in Your Agency & Community. 

Presented by: the Prevent Connect Project

Date: June 13 & 14 2012



Intersectional Movement Building: Exploring the Concept of Beloved Community Transforming Communities 

Presented by: Technical Assistance, Training & Resource Center.

Date: June 27, 2012



Representing Asylum Seekers with an Emphasis on DV and Detained Cases.

Presented by: Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Date: July 20, 2012





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