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Five Reasons Baby Boomers Need to Review Their Estate Plans NOW!

Baby Boomer On Board


Forbes online magazine recently posted a riveting article about why the primary motivation for baby boomers to do estate planning in their 40's and 50's no longer exists for today's baby boomers. 


The article's author, Kaycee Krysty, writes, "In midlife, planning tends to be mainly about making sure your affairs are in order and leaving enough for those left behind. If you have kids, their needs are front and center. Now, as boomers enter into transition, new perspectives and different priorities emerge..."


Read the full article here.



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Blog on Inheritances
"How Much is Too Much?"
The latest blog entry on our website pertains to a controversial topic that many beneficiaries wish their benefactors would never consider.
Richard Watts from The Huffington Post writes, "The secret to a healthy inheritance plan is to avoid changing the lifestyle of your children." Do you agree with Watts' statement?
Read the blog and decide for yourself.

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Did you know that we have a department dedicated to senior services?

  • Preserve your savings from nursing home costs
  • Keep your home in the family
  • Know when to apply for Medicaid
  • Receive help finding the right nursing home

Check out our blog and our newest web page on Elder Law! 


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Our mission is to  provide excellent, compassionate legal services to help people plan for the unexpected and prepare for the inevitable.

 Best wishes to Roberson Law employees, Kim Cullman & Kristina Rainer on their upcoming nuptials! 
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  • Five Reasons Baby Boomers Need to Review Their Estate Plans NOW!
  • Rare Tax Advantages in 2012
  • Nancy Roberson's Published Article, "Young Widow"
  • What Happens to Your Facebook Page After You Die?
  • Blog on Inheritances: "How Much is Too Much?"
  • Need a Speaker?
  • Elder Law Services
  • Character Focus: Building a Culture of Compassion 
  • Widows Support Groups

Rare Tax Advantages in 2012

 Charitable Donations

According to a March 2012 article published on the Fiduciary Trust International website, the opportunity to reduce wealth transfer taxes is going to end in 2012.


The article states, "Unless Congress acts, many of today's favorable transfer tax laws are scheduled to expire on January 1, 2013. Moreover, the Obama administration's 2013 budget also calls for a reduction in exemptions and an increase in tax rates..."


Click here to read the article.

Nancy Roberson's Published Article, "Young Widow"
Young Widow
Nancy's latest article for her column "You Don't Know What You Don't Know," was just published in Living With Loss magazine.
Nancy writes, "You may be vaguely aware that there are legal, financial or practical matters to address. You may be afraid to do anything for fear of being taken advantage of or doing the wrong thing. If you are very young, you may feel, as I did, like a freak of nature. In this article, I offer a few suggestions for getting started, although this is by no means a comprehensive list..."


Read the article here. 

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What Happens to Your Facebook Page After You Die?

 According to a recent article published online in the American Bar Association's ABA Journal, Oklahoma was the first state to create a bill addressing the right to access the social media accounts of a decedent.  Other states are expected to follow Oklahoma's suit, considering that so many people use social media as a tool to communicate.  The disposition of "digital assets" after one's death is a hot topic right now.


Read the article here.

Need a Speaker?


Nancy Roberson has a busy speaking schedule coming up with eight speaking engagements scheduled from April through August. 


As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, Nancy was honored with an award from Toastmasters International District 40 in part for her service as a professional speaker for non-profit, civic, and religious groups.  If you would like Nancy to speak at your next event, please call or email Amy Cary to book your event.  Nancy has an inspiring story that captivates and motivates audiences to get their affairs in order. 


As always, we never charge a fee for our professional speaking services, and we require a minimum of  only ten people to attend in order to book an event.  You may also go to our speaking engagements page on our website to read some testimonials from past attendees and to obtain more information about speaking engagement opportunities. 

Character Focus: Building a Culture of Compassion 
For the past several years, our office has subscribed to a monthly journal from the company Character First.  The journal focuses on a character quality each month, with the sole purpose of encouraging companies to build character in their organizations. 


Because the legal profession is often criticized for lacking character, the employees at Roberson Law take the issue of character building very seriously.


A recent email received from Character First focused on the character quality, "compassion."  We want to share this article with our newsletter subscribers because we feel that exhibiting compassion is an action that is often not practiced in today's fast-paced, self-centered society.
Dr. Nathan Mellor writes in his article, "I have found compassion is often the by-product of awareness. When we are more aware of others, we are typically more willing to show compassion.  Compassion restores faith in humanity because it restores dignity and establishes a tone of respect. Leaders who show compassion are more likely to reduce workplace tension, resolve conflict, and heal the hurts that come with life." 
Widows Support Groups

This is a reminder that two widows' support groups are now serving the Miami Valley.

The Young Widows' Support Group (under age 50) meets on the first Thursday of each month from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Normandy United Methodist Church, located at 450 West Alex-Bell Road, Centerville, Ohio.


The Widows' Support Group (over age 50) meets on the first Friday of each month from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Normandy United Methodist Church, located at 450 West Alex-Bell Road, Centerville, Ohio.

For more information about the Young Widows' Support Group, visit the website, call Pam Walker at 937.434.7981, or email


For further information about the Widows' Support Group, call or email Sherry Matsel at 937.878.9707 or


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