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Happy Holidays. I hope you are wrapping up the year in a positive way. Because you told us you want to improve your Email marketing, my gift to you are 4 valuable tips to help you do so in 2012.      


1)  The end of the year offers a unique opportunity to thank your clients and prospects for their business. It takes very little time and if you add some FREE tips, your readers will be thankful for your emails (note I practice what I preach). So if you have not already done so, set up your Thank You Holiday Email today and give the gift of FREE advice for your list. Don't forget to have a coupon or Specials (see mine below) that offers them a discount or gift for taking action now.  After all, who doesn't like to do business with people that appreciate our business and provide a deal? 


2)   Email marketing programs make it easy to separate your lists and measure who is interested in your email links.  So take advantage of that information. Look over your email results and see what your readers have clicked on. Then create smaller lists based on interest. A smaller list will often result in a better open rate, click thrus and purchases. If you have 20 people who clicked on your cleaning product link, you know what interests them. So for that group, feature 5 tips on cleaning anything and a link on information for natural cleaning products at your website. At the bottom of the email post a limited time coupon to purchase your products.   


3)   As a consumer, I don't want to keep receiving information that focuses on you and what you want to sell. I want to stay up to date on your industry, what's new and how it can help me.  Remember these are your subscribers, so if you don't keep your content compelling, they will unsubscribe or Spam report you. Remember that the goal is to connect, so deliver value to your recipients. Need ideas or content? Contact a company like ours to provide it. 


4)    Are you using the Social Share button on your eblasts? If not, use it and make it easy for your recipients to share your tips and information with their friends and help you increase subscribers. A Share is a testimonial, with each post spreading your content to a new market. So make sure you take the time to click on the social share option and link your social media funnel to your emails.


As a Constant Contact Business Partner, Email Marketing All-Star and Certified Social Media Expert & Trainer,Constant Contact Businss Partner & 2-year  All-Star Award Winner we work with SCORE LA and Constant Contact to produce classes in social media, email marketing and analytics. If you're interested in our hands-on training in any of these areas, check out our next events. 



FREE Website Match Email Template With Your Paid Constant Contact Account

Sign up for a paid account and get a FREE Webmatch (a template for your first email that matches your website). Make your first email easy to expedite. What are you waiting for?  Constant Contact now provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, so get started risk free.  


Google Analytics Special   

Are you wondering if your current website and online campaigns are working?  We will review you analytics and provide you with reports on traffic flow and referral sources, pages used, good traffic and pages and those not helpful to your goals. We also provide suggestions on how to improve those numbers for as little as $500 (regularly $899).  We often identify problems that are easy to fix that will help increase your web traffic and your sales.  However for this special price you must schedule by January 31, 2012.


For more information on these topics or any advertising or marketing projects you want expedited, contact me at liz@adteamla.com or visit my blog. You can also post your general questions on our Facebook page, and if you haven't yet, please take a minute to "like" us using the link above.. 


All the best for you and your business in 2012  


Liz Harsch

Tailor-Made Advertising 

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