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Before Design, Define Marketing Goals 


The North Redondo Beach Business Association wanted to differentiate North Redondo Beach from other destination areas of Redondo Beach. North Redondo Beach is less well known than South Redondo's Riviera Village and so branding was required. 


We were hired to create the logo for the North Redondo Beach Business Association. Our meeting with the board started with the idea of a simple logo to attract business owners and let them know that the North Redondo Beach Business Association is helping to add resources for local businesses. However, after our marketing interviews, we discovered that the public did not recognize the borders of North Redondo Beach, so it could be difficult to define the area using a single graphic element in the logo.


We started with the marketing questions that need to come before creating a logo, ad, or online project:

  • What are you trying to communicate most?
  • Who is the target market?
  • What elements must be included for your message to be received?

Using the answers to these questions, we felt that, "If you build it, they will come." If we could brand the area to appeal to buyers, the business owners would take more pride in belonging to the fellowship of North Redondo Beach.


Another Board goal identified in the market research was to create something that appeared to belong with the existing Redondo Beach City logo using a similar color scheme to easily recognize that they are part of Redondo Beach City. In addition, they wanted an element that shows Artesia Blvd. (a main boulevard that runs directly through North Redondo to the South Bay Galleria). And finally, the business owners wanted the logo to subliminally show that the area was moving up in recognition and status.


After identifying all these objectives, we directed the artist to create a logo that accomplished the goals at hand. North Redondo Beach logoThe resulting logo was selected by the board and will appear throughout North Redondo Beach soon. Watch as the logo brands the city and attracts new customers to the neighborhood. Can you find the elements identified (road, moving up) - subtle, but great talking points. 


Make sure that before you design a logo or any marketing tool, you ask the questions that led this team to the logo that best accomplished the group's goals. Remember, if you don't define the goals, how can you achieve them?


For more information, contact us and give us the opportunity to add accountability to your next marketing project.  

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