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Can my email marketing program translate to sales?  

By Liz Harsch of Tailor-Made Advertising, Torrance, CA 

The key to translating your emails to sales is to target your market and use content that is customized to your goals. Before you even begin, ask yourself "What do I want the recipient to do?" Then make sure that your email and website makes it easy for them to follow through.

For example, we wanted our email program to help increase a client's website traffic, so we implemented a few strategies and connected the dots:

Step 1: We started a blog on our client's website and updated it weekly. The blog was an actual kitchen remodeling project, which helped organically integrate keywords for search results and made their website more relevant.

Step 2: We offered free tools with advice like "How to measure your kitchen" and "Selecting your Countertops" on their website, and included links to these pages in the blog. The link to the website allowed the visitors to get more information at the website and download the tools and make an appointment.

Step 3: We did a monthly email newsletter featuring the blog and showing the remodel over time. Each email also offered a call to action to make an appointment with a designer as well as a discount on a specific cabinet line in case the customer was ready to act.

Step 4: Track results. The email newsletter drew traffic to the blog and potential customers went from there to the website. The result was design appointments and inquiries about the resources used on the blogged remodeling project. We kept from describing the resources on the blog to encourage customers to visit the showroom. We used tracking numbers on the email newsletter, the website, and the blog to help us identify those who called for an appointment. We also utilized Google Analytics to identify traffic changes on the blog and website after our email was sent out.


If you need help brainstorming or implementing your email marketing or Social Media programs we can help you put together a calendar and the right content for your market. Our copywriting and subject research is very cost effective. If you need to build up an email list we can help you with tips and tricks on getting sign-ups. Have someone contact you here


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Liz Harsch
Liz Harsch has been a Market Consultant for retail and service companies in Greater LA since 1982.  To learn about her Torrance company visit www.adteamla.com
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