Developing Creative That Gets You Noticed

By Liz Harsch of Tailor-Made Advertising, Torrance, CA 

Ad Design

Whether you're doing online, direct mail or traditional display ads, there are some marketing principles that are the same. You need to reach out to your target market and get their attention quickly. Working with our advertisers, we always start with highlighting what they do differently from their competitors. Here are a few tips to achieve your goals:


Dr. Kaplan - Tired of Looking Tired Newspaper Ad Simplify and Get Their Attention

A simple message - "Are You Tired of Looking Tired?" We know that people looking for cosmetic surgeons often are first interested in losing the bags and wrinkles around their eyes. They want a fresh, open-eyed appearance. By simplifying that message to address looking tired, customers relate to that common complaint and see our client as the solution to that problem. After all, he is The Doctor For Faces! (Click image for larger view.)


Teach the Market Something They Don't Know

How do you do that with limited space? Limit your goals. The key to achieving a good result from your creative approach is to raise the buyer's curiosity above your product/service. IClark Adams - Fibrex Newspaper adnstead of saying what everyone else is saying (Buy Our Windows), create curiosity and get the phone to ring.

People who saw this ad wanted to know why this product was different from vinyl. Was it better? Was it expensive? Before they bought, they wanted to know, so they called. That gave the company a chance to teach the target market something new. The rest was up to their sales team. (Click image for larger view.)




Make Sure Your Online Ads Connect to a Great Website

The Kitchen Warehouse websiteIt is important to think about what keywords a client may use to search for you and/or your product. It's also key to know the best pitch to get them to your website. In some cases it is more information, an opportunity to win a product or to get a coupon. Make your pitch simple and straightforward. If you're driving traffic from an online ad, make sure your site's navigation is easy. Always measure your website results.  


This site has helpful tools to open the cabinets and show interior organization, as well as measuring tools and a strong photo gallery. (Click image to see the website itself.)

Have a Logo that Quickly Defines What You Do

It may seem like a good idea to make your letters run together to create a logo that looks interesting. But when the average viewer looks at your logo and they can't figure it out within a second or two, they lose interest. Choose a logo that shows your specialty and put it on everything you do. It's a fact that most people are visual, so give them something to remember about your company. Logos we design make what a company does clear and attract their target market. Don't forget that your logo concept must be readable very small or very large and in black in white or color. See good examples below. 

Dr. Harold J. Kaplan, Clark Adams Co., American Hearing and Balance, American Carpet, QuickFloors USA

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Liz Harsch
Liz Harsch has been a Market Consultant for retail and service companies in Greater LA since 1982.  To learn about her Torrance company visit
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