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Email With A Purpose
By Liz Harsch
of Tailor-Made Advertising
(Torrance, CA)

Email Marketing
September 2010

If you are thinking of implementing an email campaign, there are a few steps you'll want to take to make the most of your efforts.  Address these issues before you send your next email campaign, and you will see a stronger result:

  1. Ask yourself what action you would like your audience to take and be specific.  For example, "Forward this email to 10 friends," or "Click here to take advantage of this free offer."  Consider the goal of what you want from your email and ask for the order.  
  2. Put yourself in the recipient's position and consider all your options to ignite a response.  If you were them and busy opening email, would you pause in order to read and respond to this email?  Make sure your content is compelling and you have given recipients a reason to take the action you're requesting.
  3. Ask someone you trust to evaluate your email and tell you the benefit offered.  If your email is touting your own name and sales goals, the recipient will not feel compelled to act.  You must make them feel that receiving your email was a valuable experience.
  4. Always put an easy forward button on the email.  This is helpful for someone to quickly forward your email to a friend or associate when they could use your services.  
  5. Set yourself apart as a helpful expert.  It is imperative to your email campaign that you establish yourself as an expert and someone whose primary goal is to help the people who receive the email.  The key to getting someone to read your regular emails is to make them relevant to recipients' interests.  For example, if you sell real estate, and your email recipients are looking to buy or sell a home, your email should provide a section showing the recent pricing of homes in their area.  Don't be afraid to segment your contact list if it means making the message more relevant.  It is more effective to send different emails to a smaller, more targeted market, than broaden your reach with a single less relevant message.
  6. Put your newsletter sign up on the end of all your emails so that if someone forwards the email, the recipient of that can easily sign up to receive your newsletter directly.  You want that direct connection to help grow your list and to be able to contact them at any time.  So make it really easy to click and sign up and start receiving your valuable information.
If you have an email marketing program that is not working, contact us to evaluate and improve your results.  If you want to start your own email program in a smaller way, we are Constant Contact Business Partners, so sign up here for a FREE month with Constant Contact's Email Marketing service.  It is an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement email program that provides you with information on who is reading your email and what they did after they read.  This is a great way for you to see if your company can benefit from email marketing at a very cost-effective price.

Want some help designing or implementing your email program?  Give us a call at (310) 791-6300 or email us at for a quick quote on establishing an email program.  Remember, we can help you grow your business, even in a down market.

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Liz Harsch
Liz Harsch has been a Market Consultant for retail and service companies in Greater LA since 1982.  To learn about her Torrance company visit
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