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   Vol. 5, Issue 11

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Traducelo Ahora!
English-Spanish Glossary of Education Terms
Advocate Recognized by Camden City Mayor's Youth Council
Factsheets on Healthcare Financing
Preschoolers' Classmates Influence Their Language Skills
Preventing Teen Marijuana Use
Early Literacy Video-casts For Parents of Toddlers
Life Changing Apps for People with Brain Injury
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Traducelo Ahora!

"Presione aquí para ver esta página de Internet en español y para tener acceso a una herramienta gratuita de traducción de correo electrónico en español con base en la red"
Upcoming Events & News
NEW! English-Spanish Glossary of Education Terms
Through a cooperative agreement with the US Department of Education, SPAN has created an English-Spanish Glossary to promote the use of commonly accepted translations of terms related to implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  The OSEP Spanish Glossary was developed though a collaborative process including parent advocates and trainers from across the U.S. representing the diversity of Spanish speaking families with children with disabilities.  The glossary also includes education terms relevant to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
Advocate Recognized by Camden City Mayor's Youth Council
Ms. Pauline Bey was recognized at the Camden City Mayor's Youth Council Honorees' Reception held on November 3.  Ms. Bey is a SPAN Resource Parent, who was recognized as an honoree for her more than 40 years of service working with youth in Camden.  Congratulations to Ms. Bey and the youth of Camden! 
Information and Resources
Factsheets on Healthcare Financing 
Our new fact sheets on Healthcare Financing provide up to date info for families with children with special health care needs on how to access the key healthcare financing resources available for children with special health needs in New Jersey.  Click here to access these helpful resources 
Inclusion Works: Preschoolers' Classmates Influence Their Language Skills 
Kids hands togetherA recent article in e! Science News discusses findings from a new study, which suggest that preschool students affect each others' language development, and less-skilled students seem to be more positively affected than highly skilled students. The authors question the practice seen in many publicly-funded programs of placing disadvantaged children with relatively low skill levels with similarly performing peers. Learn more... 
Preventing Teen Marijuana Use 
Check out this short video Prevention of Teen Marijuana Use that encourages parents to be clear and direct in talking with their teens about why they should not use marijuana. It provides the latest research on teen marijuana use, including research that shows that teens do listen to their parents and that parents do make a difference.
New Early Literacy Video-casts For Parents of Toddlers 
SPAN Conference
The Center for Early Literacy Learning (CELL) recently released three new CELLcasts. CELLcasts are audio/video versions of CELL practice guides which are available to view online or download. Infant Finger Drawing includes ideas for parents to help develop their infant's pre-writing skills through finger painting and drawing. I Wanna Be a Storyteller includes many ideas for encouraging toddlers to tell their favorite stories. Adventure in a Box encourages parents to create a shoebox full of crayons, markers, pencils, and paper for many writing opportunities. Click here to view available CELLcasts.
Life-Changing Apps for People with Brain Injury

SPAN Conference

Almost everyday, we hear of new smartphone applications ("apps") developed for just about everything - from staying organized to hearing better in noisy environments. It's hard to keep up.

The BrainLine team sifted through many resources to collect this list of Android apps that could be useful to people with a brain injury - and their families and caregivers.  Download a chart of all Apps.

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Our experienced SPAN Information Specialists provide telephone assistance to SPAN Logo Color with textparents, educators and service providers to enable them to advocate for appropriate education and health care services for children and youth. To reach our Information Specialists, give us a call at 973-642-8100 or 800-654 SPAN (7726).