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Recent News

CDC Confirms Detection of a Different Influenza A Variant Virus
CDC (December 23, 2011)

AAP: Cocooning is Effective in Protecting Babies
Reuters (December 26, 2011)

Ten Key Health IT Trends for Next Year
(December 28, 2011)

FDA Says No Need to Recall Enfamil Formula
Reuters (December 30, 2011)

Some Teens Misjudge HPV Vaccine Protection, Researchers Find
Reuters (January 1, 2012)

New and Updated CDC Influenza Resources

New and updated influenza resources are available on the CDC's influenza website. Resources also include information about a different influenza A variant virus, H3N2v.  Please visit What's New on the Influenza Site for additional details.


Policy Notes: Updated Vaccine Recommendations  

CDC's policy notes on updated vaccine recommendations and information about the evaluation of the evidence for vaccination of HPV4 for males and hepatitis B for those with diabetes is available here.   


Strategies for Success in Adult Immunization
This PowerPoint presentation, from Medscape Education Infectious Disease, assists healthcare providers in overcoming barriers to adult immunization and enables them to adopt timely, appropriate vaccine recommendations and immunization policies into clinical practice. Registration for a free Medscape account is required to view the slides.   


HPV Resource: New Website This resource, from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Vaccine Education Center, is a new website that features a video of Dr. Paul Offit, as well videos of families discussing their decision to get the HPV vaccine. There are also links to additional information, questions and answers, and opportunities to share via social media.  


NACCHO Immunization Videos Page

NACCHO has gathered videos addressing vaccination into one convenient place.  Watch short videos covering immunization issues, including influenza, pertussis, adolescent immunization, and personal stories about vaccine preventable diseases.  Videos range from humorous to serious and target a variety of ages.   

Get Involved

NACCHO Annual 2012: Call for Session Proposals Open

The theme for NACCHO Annual 2012 will be, "Navigating the Currents: Positioning Local Health Departments for the Future." The call for session proposals is now open. Session tracks are:

  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Control-Funding Prevention vs. Treatment
  • Policy, System, Environment, and Organizational Change
  • Making the Case for Local Health Departments with Limited Resources
  • Transforming and Supporting the Local Public Health Workforce
  • Building a Disaster Resilient Community: Sustainable Approaches to Planning, Response, and Recovery for Public Health Emergencies
  • Public Health Research

Additional session track descriptions and learning objectives can be found at NA12 Session Track Descriptions. The deadline to submit a session proposal is Tuesday, January 17, 2012. Please visit NA12 Call for Sharing Session Proposals for details on submitting a proposal for consideration.

NACCHO Seeks Input on Parental Consent for School Vaccination 

Do you have a tool or advice on how to obtain parental consents for school-located vaccination clinics that helps to maximize signed consent returns and/or minimizes parents changing their minds on allowing their child(ren) to be immunized at the clinic? If so, please contact Dana Cole at 202-507-4212 or via email at with details.  


APHA: Policy Innovation Contest

Win up to $40,000 from American Public Health Association (APHA) to develop, implement, and/or evaluate an innovative policy approach to a critical public health problem, with a focus on reducing health inequities and building policy capacity. Health departments may apply independently, or in partnership with non-profits. A letter of intent is due January 18, and applications are due January 31, 2012. Learn more.


Submit a Tool to NACCHO's Immunization and Infectious Disease Toolkits

NACCHO's Immunization and Infectious Disease Toolkits are intended to provide local health departments (LHDs) with resources related to immunization and infectious disease prevention and control practices. Examples of tools include templates, guides, community resources and much more. Log in to submit your own resources to the Toolkit to share with other LHDs.


Timing of adolescent meningococcal conjugate vaccination: Attitudes and practices of pediatricians and family medicine physicians
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CDC's 2009 H1N1 Vaccine Pharmacy Initiative in the United States: Implications for future public health and pharmacy collaborations for emergency response
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Estimating the burden of tuberculosis among foreign-born persons acquired prior to entering the U.S., 2005-2009
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Effects of a nationwide Hib vaccine shortage on vaccination coverage in the United States
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Vaccination refusal: Ethics, individual rights, and the common good
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Wake me up when there's a crisis: Progress on state pandemic influenza ethics preparedness
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NACCHO is the national organization representing local health departments.  NACCHO works to support efforts that protect and improve the health of all people and all communities by promoting national policy, developing resources and programs, seeking health equity and supporting effective local public health practice and systems.



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