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Luck, Chance and Opportunities
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Chance and Opportunity
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"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."
 Thomas Jefferson
Tip: Positive Parenting
Avoid telling your children what not to do but tell them what you would like them to do.
Try to see it from their point of view; what's important to us as adults invariably is of no consequence to them!
"Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
19 July 2007 

Welcome to another BeCanDo newsletter. How lucky are you? Do you know someone for whom everything seems to go just right? They get all the lucky breaks? Maybe you know someone else whose life seems to be in a mess. Everything goes wrong; they seem so unfortunate.
Where do you fit in this scenario? What is your view on luck? What is the secret to a lucky life, well read on...
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What is Luck?
winrisklose diceThe dictionary defines luck as "(chance as bestower of) good or ill fortune, fortuituous events affecting one's interests, person's apparent tendency to be (un)fortunate". "Phew," some of you will sigh with relief..."it's not my fault that I'm unlucky then!" Well, lets consider what chance is first. Dictionary definition again: "way things happen of themselves, fortune; undesigned occurrence; opportunity".
So, yes, it would be reasonable to say that you cannot truly make your luck but it would be also be right to say that being lucky is about using the opportunities presented to us.
Make Me Lucky
How can we become lucky if it is down to chance and opportunities? As mentioned above some of it is outside of our control, the issue is grabbing opportunities when they arise. "That's all very well," some of you may now be saying "but I don't get many opportunities to grab."
Glass half full half emptyThis is the real issue. How many opportunities do we miss in life? Sometimes we are so engrossed in our problems or day to day lives that we let great opportunities pass us by. Other times an opportunity may be jumping up and down in front of us shouting "Cooey! I'm here! Great opportunity time!" but we choose to ignore it as it is just embarrassing us with its ridiculous behaviour and we don't want to look silly or make a mistake.
So how can you spot these opportunities and become lucky?
Chance and Opportunity
Chance can be considered from a mathematical viewpoint. Gambling is usually based on the laws of probability and chance. You can 'buy' into these 'opportunities' with a lottery ticket for example, but you know the odds are stacked against you.
Other opportunities present themselves in many ways. In my mind these are the more exciting as the outcome is unknown. Often they involve interacting with people. Talking to people opens up all sorts of possibilities in life and leads to all sorts of connections. This is why networking is becoming so popular in business.
Get Lucky
In 'The Luck Factor' by Dr Richard Wiseman he outlines 4 key principles to follow if you want to improve your luck. This is based on years of research of people and their attitude to luck.
PRINCIPLE ONE: Maximise your chance opportunities. This includes being outgoing and talking to people whenever you can, being relaxed (stress shuts us down) and being open to spot opportunities.
PRINCIPLE TWO: Listen to your lucky hunches. Work with your intuition. It can be right!
PRINCIPLE THREE: Expect good fortune. This doesn't mean that you will be luckier but you focus on the good in your life so you feel luckier!
PRINCIPLE FOUR: Turn your bad luck into good. Lemons into lemonade...need I say more?
So there you have it. Once again the answer lies in our attitudes and behaviour, which is very much within our control. Sorry to those of you hoping for proven methods to win the lottery.
Until next time; good luck!!
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Jacky Tustain