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March 2012

Come Share Your Lean and Six Sigma Expertise at the Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference


Lean and Six Sigma have their roots in industrial engineering, and IIE is pleased to announce the Engineering Lean and Six Sigma Conference 2012, which will be held at The Seelbach Hilton Hotel in Louisville, Ky., Oct. 1-3.
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The conference committee is seeking content that will make the event as valuable to attendees as it was last year. We are inviting you to be a part of this opportunity to improve operations in government, manufacturing, universities and businesses around the country by submitting your abstracts for one or more of five tracks.


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Lean Student Paper Competition winners

IIE Lean Division is pleased to announce the winners of the sixth Lean Student Paper Competition sponsored by J T. and Carol S. Black. The competition recognizes outstanding papers in the field of lean research and practices.

Click here for winning authors and to read the award winning papers.
Don't miss this highly anticipated event: Annual IE Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL, May 19-23 


The Annual IE Conference and Expo is unlike any other for quality, productivity and efficiency professionals. It attracts attendees from all over the world - professionals, academicians and students - who share an interest in learning, sharing experiences and business successes, networking and just being around others who share their passions for the profession. More

The 2012 IIE Lean Teaching Award jointly awarded to:    

Beth Cudney 

Dr. Beth Cudney, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Click here to read Beth's biography.




 Toni Doolen99x125  

Dr. Toni Doolen, Oregon State University

Click here to read Toni's biography.

Ask the Expert 
Question: Determining capacity 

I am working at a sheet metal HVAC fabrication plant. The majority of jobs are custom fabrications. The company has no idea what it can produce per day in pounds of metal. What is the best way to determine capacity? There is no historical data available for reference.

In the same plant, jobs are scheduled according to customer due date. What is the best way to approach this issue?



Featured Lean definitions

Control: Measurement of performance or actions and comparison with established standards in order to maintain performance and actions within permissible limits of variance from the standard. May involve taking corrective action to bring performance into line with the plan or standards.
Poke-yoke: Poke-yoke is a Japanese term meaning "mistake proof." A method of designing production or administrative processes which will, by their nature, prevent errors. This may involve designing fixtures which will not accept an improperly loaded part.

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The Lean Division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers is continuously searching for new material to provide to its membership. If you would like to contribute and see your articles in the newsletter and on the website, please submit your article to tinakovach@gmail.com.


Articles should be approximately three to four pages in length. An article should be single-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman and in Word format. Graphs, diagrams, pictures and charts can also be included, however, they must be in a separate file and saved as a JPEG (.jpg) file. Please also include a two or three sentence biography. Contact information can be included at your discretion.



Tina Agustiady

We welcome your input. Please send submissions and feedback to Tina Agustiady at tinakovach@gmail.com.
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"Continuous improvement is not about the things you do well - that's work. Continuous improvement is about removing the things that get in the way of your work. The headaches, the things that slow you down, that's what continuous improvement is all about."
-Bruce Hamilton



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