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President's message

Dear members:

The year is in full swing and we are off to a good start. We have a great program for both the Solutions track and the ISERC (Research) track that will be featured in the Annual Conference. The conference will be held May 19-23 in Orlando, Florida, and the destination is unbeatable, especially in the spring. More from the president



Membership chair's message  

By George P. Gardner, state partnering coordinator, Virginia Department of Transportation


Greetings Construction Division Members!

Wow...what a busy year it has been so far! It seems that the economy is picking back up and things are slowly getting better. Hopefully by now, you have considered attending the IIE Annual Conference coming up in May. The speakers are taking shape, and it will have an excellent lineup of presentations and should be a great time. Please check the IIE website for periodic updates.


The Division is searching for a new Student Liaison as our own Bobby Smyth from Ohio State University gets ready to graduate and move on to an exciting career in IE. Please let us know if anyone has ideas on who may be interested for this important post. Contact

As always, please also let us know if you are interested in serving in some

capacity on the Division Board.


George Gardner 


Feature article 


Enhancing Construction Performance with lean construction methods


In recent years the manufacturing and service industries have become globally competitive, based to a great extent on the application of the lean philosophy to optimize performance. On the contrary, the majority of construction work is still based on traditional methods that have been handed down from earlier generations. These practices often lead to a number of wastes that are manifested as cost and schedule overruns as well as quality-related issues that go beyond building code compliance. Read the full article.



Student Best Paper Competition for 2011-2012   

The CONAM Group of Companies is a builder and developer of residential projects throughout the United States and for the past seven years has sponsored a student competition for papers and projects demonstrating the application of Industrial Engineering (IE) tools in the construction industry. Both undergraduate and graduate students participate. Last year's recipient was William Croll, a senior at the Unviersity of Southern California, whose winning paper was "Improving Construction Quality by Combining Three Dimensional Models and Visual Recognition Software."


This year's winning paper will be recognized at the IIE Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla., and will receive a cash gift of $1500 and $1000 for travel expenses. 


The competition is coordinated by Isabelina Nahmens, Ph.D., assistant professor and holder of the McCollister Family Professorship in the Department of Construction Management & Industrial Engineering at Louisiana State University.



Social media opportunity for the Construction Division

Our division needs your help with a couple of important initiatives. We have begun to implement social media, starting with LinkedIn, and we need to start up other media such as Facebook to communicate with other members. These media will help members to share information on issues ranging from technical matters such as lean construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to job opportunities. If you are interested in working with social media, do let us know!  The next initiative involves providing webinars via the IIE website for the benefit of Construction Division members. If you have an interest in either of thes activities, please contact

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Wanted: International correspondents


The Construction Division has a special opportunity for members who wish to serve as international correspondents. Our members reside in several different regions of the world, and it is always refreshing and informative to hear what is going on in those countries with regard to the construction industry. We would appreciate hearing reports about construction in such regions as Canada, Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Australia and the Caribbean to name a few.


You do not have to be a professional writer! Just give us the basic ideas and we can work with you to make their presentation as easy to read and interesting as possible.


Please let us hear from you as soon as possible; contact Lincoln Forbes or Pam Patterson. Your thoughts and ideas will give our newsletters an international perspective that represents our membership in different parts of the world. Get in touch and let us know of your interest!



Wanted: Construction articles for Industrial Engineer magazine


The Construction Division invites members to submit articles on construction topics through our Publications Committee for publication in Industrial Engineer magazine. We would like to see IE-related articles about construction included in the magazine on a regular basis, and we are starting by determining which members are interested, and the topics that they would like to write about. At this point, we would just like to see a brief outline of the topic(s) that you wish to write about. Following that we plan to provide you with the detailed publication requirements, such as the format and length to be observed for each article. By working together, we can organize our articles in a sequence that will be most interesting and informative for our readers. Please contact Lincoln Forbes.


Pearl of Wisdom
You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.
                                                                        -Beverly Sills 
March 2012 
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