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February 2012                                         

2011  Professional Chapter Newsletter Awards


The chapter newsletter, print or electronic, is the cornerstone of chapter communications with members. A good newsletter is both informative and engaging. Graphics add interest; information should always be up-to-date; member input is essential in gathering content.


IIE is proud to applaud the efforts of the following Professional

chapters in producing a quality newsletter:



Ron Coperich
National Capital
Martin Franklin
Twin Cities
Jenna Weiland
Greater Detroit
Alex Bohn
Central Connecticut
Jonna Gerken
Long Island
Tom Fiorella
Greater Kansas City
Rachel Olson
S. Jersey Delaware Valley
Thomas Fung

Professional Chapters:  CAR due on Feb. 28   

Professional chapters are required to submit the 2011 CAR to Headquarters and RVP by Feb. 28. Only long form CAR accepted.
Competition deadlines extended

Construction Division Student Paper Competition  
Deadline extended to Friday, March 9

Lean Best Practice Award  
Deadline extended to Monday, March 26

Lean and Supply Chain Teaching Competition
Deadline extended to Friday, March 9
Jorge Gálvez, assistant regional vice president of Mexico Region, presents IIE charter to Universidad Politecnica de Altamira


On Jan. 26, 2012 the Universidad Politecnica de Altamira received their official IIE Charter from Jorge Gálvez, Assistant Regional Vice President of IIE's Mexico Region.

UPALT Charter Ceremony

At the end of the ceremony, Jorge Gálvez (pictured 6th from left) gave a lecture titled "IIE ... An Open Door to Your Future" in which he motivated all the students at UPALT to join IIE.

Student volunteers needed for conferences


If you are a full-time student and you have a passion for volunteering, make plans to volunteer at the Applied Ergonomics or IIE Annual Conference. Reduced registration rates are available. Contact Bill Gibbs at or (770) 349-1126 for details.

Chapters chartered and reactivated



Mexico Region 

Universidad Politécnica del Valle de México 

Instituto Tecnologico Superior de San Luis Potosí 

Instituto Tecnologico de Toluca 

Capitulo Industrial UPALT



Southwest Asia Region 

Bilkent University - Turkey 

Mexico Region 

Instituto Teconologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM)
InstitutoTecnologico de la Laguna
Webinar: Coaching/Advising the Next Generation of IEs

Friday, March 16, 2 p.m. Eastern time

Two senior IIE, Industry speakers (Roman Hlutkowsky & Doug Rabeneck) will talk briefly about their experiences Coaching and Advising Young Professional IEs - through outside company organizations (like IIE or University IE Departments). They will also take questions from call-ins during the Webinar and from any questions sent in ahead of time to IIE Headquarters by email to Donna Calvert - The theme of the presentation is for working, young professionals to hear some career advice and be able to ask some career-focused questions; it is not intended to answer job search questions. More information and registration


Webinars are a great way to learn. List of upcoming webinars
Provide members with training on your campus at special reduced registration rates!
IIE Training Center LogoIIE Continuing Education can bring IIE seminars to YOUR Campus!


Contact Larry Aft at IIE to discuss courses and to reserve your dates.


Phone: (770) 349-1130
Ad for 2012 Annual 

Spotlight on Chapter Website


IIE is proud to recognize outstanding chapter websites that provide members with up-to-date information while offering an interesting visual experience.


This issue of Chapter Leader News spotlights 

Chapter No.888
Ryerson University

as the outstanding website!

Key Region

Kevin Drevik
Joyce Hadley


South Central
Jay Christensen

North Central
Randy Wahlstrom

Michael Hogan