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Happy New Year!
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Kevin Drevik


February. Depth of winter. Here in the Northeast region, we often get inches (or feet) of snow, ice storms, and periods of time when everything is ground to a halt. Students have returned to school and are now hip-deep in their classes. Companies have published their budgets, made their plans, and are able to see the first month's results, versus those plans. This is the month when, with a few adjustments or changes, you can set up for success for the rest of the year.


Take the opportunity to look at how the year has started so far, make the necessary adjustments, and move forward to a great year. Since Professional chapters strategic plans are due Feb. 1, this is an excellent opportunity to focus on where you want to go, and what you need to get there.


Hats off again to the Syracuse and Rhode Island professional chapters, who are working hard to rejuvenate themselves. I look forward to attending an event of their chapters in 2012.


Webinars are a great way for folks to learn more about our work, even if they are too far from an IIE Chapter to attend one of its meetings. It's one of the major benefits of being an IIE member, since only you get to see these
. List of upcoming webinars

Minutes: IIE Northeast Region Conference Call


Thanks to all those attending the Jan. 17, 2012, Northeast Region Conference Call. Read minutes.

Regional Student Conference - March 23-25, Rochester, N.Y.


The IIE Student Chapter at Rochester Institute of Technology will be hosting the 2012 IIE University Regional Conference for the Northeast Region.

The conference is scheduled for March 23
-25 at Rochester, N.Y., under the theme "The Triple Bottom Line." There will be several events such as the technical paper contest, speakers and seminars, and social networking events.

Registration: The
standard registration fee is $100 per student. The registration deadline iMarch 4.


Click here to complete the registration form and register online.
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