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January 2012

President's message 


Greetings and Happy New Year!


Every New Year presents another opportunity to reflect back on the year past and make plans for the one ahead. For the Lean Division, the past year has been one that saw a great deal of activity. One of the firsts for the division was the launching of the "Lean Best Practice Award" to recognize organizations for their innovative and effective implementation of lean principles and practices. The seven finalists chosen by the panel of reviewers for the inaugural award made their presentations to a packed audience during the IIE Annual Conference in Reno, Nev.

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Call for Papers: Journal of Enterprise Transformation
Special Issue on Lean Enterprise Transformation

Journal of Enterprise Transformation, a new quarterly journal from Taylor & Francis, is inviting papers for its special issue (Volume 3, Issue 2) on Lean Enterprise Transformation.

Don't miss this highly anticipated event: Annual IIE Conference in Orlando, FL, May 19-23

The Annual IIE Conference and Expo is unlike any other for quality, productivity and efficiency professionals. It attracts attendees from all over the world - professionals, academicians and students - who share an interest in learning, sharing experiences and business successes, networking and just being around others who share their passions for the profession. More

Upcoming webinar! 


Rapid Sustainable Enterprise Transformation through Strategy, Simplicity & Execution
Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2 p.m. Eastern time
Presenter: Martin Nazareth


This webinar will present and discuss applications and principles of strategic planning and execution (Hoshin Kanri) using a seven step transformation process involving strategy, simplicity and execution. More information and registration

Martin NazarethMartin Nazareth, president of OpEx Solutions, is a global consultant in operational excellence involving the strategic application of lean manufacturing, total productive maintenance, quality and industrial engineering. He has led strategic consulting, training and execution at more than 100 plants in the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, Latin America and Europe.

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Caution! Warning Signs in the U.K. 


My Daily Workaround: Deleting Commercial E-mails

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Question: The price of consulting 

I have an opportunity to do some consulting work for a local business. I am not a professional engineer, but I am an engineer in training. The nature of the consulting is mostly related to process, paper flow and scheduling. They also want me to suggest and implement a software program to "get them organized." This will probably involve some Access programming on my part. How do I determine a reasonable fee, and should it be hourly or a flat rate?



Lean Definition

Avoidance: A conflict-handling mode that involves ignoring or suppressing a conflict in the hope that it will either go away or not become too disruptive.

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