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President's message: Happy New Year!


Dear SEMS members, 


At the start of this New Year, the SEMS officers, first of all, want to wish you all the best for a prosperous and healthy 2012. This holiday period has allowed us to reflect on the accomplishments of our Society over the last year and to make new plans to further grow our Society in both membership and maturity in the upcoming year. Read more

SEMS news

Finalists of the SEMS Best Paper Competition at the IERC 2011 Engineering Management Track


The Society for Engineering and Management Systems for many years has organized a Best Paper Competition among all the accepted papers of the Engineering Management Track of the Industrial Engineering Research Conference (IERC). In the November newsletter, we abstracted the first two of the six finalists.

This issue includes the second set of two finalists:


Member spotlight


Garry Coleman:                                          Garry Coleman


Active SEMS member and Sponsor of the Student Best Paper Competition.


Click here to read about Garry!


Engineering management cited as high-paying Master's Degree


Are you interested in pursuing an Engineering Management Master's degree to further your career? See Salary Report from MSN Career Builder. Click on article

Discovering advancements in the engineering management domains through SEMS blogging  


Happy New Year! The SEMS blog started in January and after spending December focusing on creating a schedule for the blog, we are excited about the posts coming up. Here are a few teasers from bloggers from the Industrial Extension Service at NC State University:

  • Deb Manzo will post Part 2 in her series on Operational Excellence. 
  • Lean Six Sigma blogger Bill Iacovelli will post on his takeaways from helping students at a FIRST robotics competition.

If you have a particular topic or question you would like our bloggers to address, don't hesitate to let us know!

Improving the SEMS website - we heard you! 


In a survey of SEMS members last year, 63 percent of the respondents indicated that they joined SEMS to stay informed about developments in the field of engineering management (EM). Another 52 percent stated that they joined to have access to publications and educational programs. What this seems to indicate is that access to information is important to us. Read more

Upcoming activities  


Final SEMS Webinar in Creativity Series

January 25, 2012, 2:00 PM EST

SEMS offered two well received webinars on Nov. 14,Ideation: When Traditional Brainstorming Just Doesn't Work by Mark Jannone, and Jan. 11, Stimulating Creativity Through Lateral Thinking by Karen Franta Love.


Don't miss the third in the series: Designing Thinking and Creativity - de Bono's Six Thinking Hats Method by Karen Franta Love at 2 p.m. Eastern time, Jan. 25.

SEMS Student Initiatives Campaign Kickoff Webinar

2 p.m. Eastern time, Jan. 31

As undergraduate and graduate students continue to represent a large proportion of the IIE and SEMS member population (41 percent in 2011), we will be offering new programs and services to cater to our student members. Learn more

IIE Annual IE Conference & Expo 2012  


2012 Applied Solutions Conference - Engineering Management Update 

The Society for Engineering and Management Systems of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) is sponsoring the Engineering Management Track at the 2012 Applied Solutions conference at the 2012 IIE Annual Conference and Exposition. We are well on our way to having another outstanding lineup of speakers! Read more 

Update on the Engineering Management Track at the 2012 IIE Annual Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference

Plans are well underway for the Engineering Management Track! In this newsletter issue, we'd like to update you on some of the topics you can expect to see at the 2012 ISERC. It looks like, once again, our track will grow in size compared to the previous year; this year, there are approximately 40 total sessions planned. Read more
Student view
The SEMS Student Committee has several initiatives to involve you! Read more
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The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership: Achieving and Sustaining Excellence through Leadership Development


Since the concept was first introduced lean has spread from the U.S. automobile industry to the global auto industry, defense, financial services, government, healthcare and elsewhere. As it expanded globally we have learned to think more deeply about Lean as a way of linking a company's business strategy to operational excellence through a culture of continuous improvement. Read more

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