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Message from Region Vice President 
Kevin Drevik

School Night

Well, it's November, and if you look at the calendar, there are numerous professional and student chapters that are either doing or have done joint 'meet and greet' style get-togethers. I guess it takes a little while for the incoming student officers to get themselves settled before they can coordinate with the local professional team (at least that's how it is with the groups I've talked with).


This is a big part of what IIE is all about. The primary purpose of any professional society is the advancement of the "profession", through exploration, experimentation, and the passing on of knowledge to its membership.


This transfer of knowledge takes the form of presentations (both professional and student), site visits, multiple forms of media (internet, newsletters, etc.), and networking between members at all sorts of places and times.


I've seen multiple jobs being offered and accepted at networking events. I've seen passionate discussions taking place at networking events (oftentimes, between close friends). I've seen the profession shaped at these events.


Often a student's first exposure to these kind of networking events it at the regional or the international conference. The problem there lies in the student to professional ratio - which can be dramatically unequal. I much prefer the chapter networking events, where the ratio is often more equal, the topics are more local, and the companies and jobs are located within the immediate vicinity.


So if you get the opportunity, please try and attend these sort of local events. If you're too far from a professional chapter, try and seek out other networking opportunities in your area. Hopefully you will have a good time, learn something, and help out others.


Kevin Drevik

IIE Northeast Region VP

(856) 630-2485



Webinars online

One of the latest features offered by IIE is the library of webinars, available to members to review. Simply log onto the IIE website, go to the "training" tab, and scroll down to "webinars." Or you can click here.


Upcoming webinars of interest

Sponsored by IIE Young Professionals Committee

Title: IIE Young Professionals Committee Introduction
Date/Time: Wednesday, Nov. 16, 12 p.m. Eastern time
Presenters: IIE Young Professionals Committee

Summary: This webinar will introduce the IIE Young Professionals Committee and will include a brief introduction

from each committee member (seven representatives). The committee will discuss the benefits of being involved as a volunteer within IIE and will conclude with current actions and objectives of the committee - highlighting opportunities for involvement within each. The IIE Young Professionals Committee is a group of Young Professional leaders within IIE charged to identify the needs of IE professionals under the age of 35. 

More information and registration 

Sponsored by IIE Lean Division

Title: Sustaining a Lean Transformation in a Complex Supply Chain Operation
Date/Time: Thursday, Nov. 17, 2 p.m. Eastern time
Presenters:  Jennifer M. Kozak, Michael Testani, Sreekanth Ramakrishnan

Summary:  Lean and lean Six Sigma business transformation initiatives have become a business imperative for many organizations in almost every industry sector. While many companies are attempting to implement lean methodologies; the vast majority fail to meet their business transformation objectives and/or fail to sustain their business transformation gains. Research has shown that the most common reasons that these efforts fail to achieve or sustain their improvement results are 1) the lack of leadership support, and 2) the lack of focus on the organizational culture. The webinar describes the path forward to a lean transformation methodology that focuses on developing critical organizational competencies around organizational culture transformation and lean process improvement resulting in a more effective and sustainable transformation effort.
More information and registration 


The webinars page holds more than 80 webinars to date on such topics as careers, health systems, lean, Six Sigma and process improvement. Just click and go! It's an especially useful tool for IIE professionals outside the boundaries of the 10 professional chapters. It's also useful for students seeking further guidance on careers and potential duties in IIE.


Take advantage of the efforts of IEs, as we all try to improve ourselves, our companies, and the world in general.


 IIE Six Sigma Online On-Demand Training

Networking with other professionals is often the best way to find out about new opportunities, gain important references and to learn from the experience of others. As a member of IIE living in the Northeast, you have a number of online networking opportunities:
Boston Chapter members and student members going to school within the Boston Chapter Service Area

Institute of Industrial Engineers Northeast Region
Professional members who live or student members going to school within the Northeast Region

Institute of Industrial Engineers
Professional and student members of IIE

Professional and student members of IIE



November 2011


Central CT Chapter

Date: TBD
Winter Social

POC: Brian Nathanson


South Jersey-Delaware Valley

Date: Nov. 16(Tentative) 

Site Tour:

Six Flags over New Jersey

Kinga Ka hydralic station

POC: Kevin Drevik


Reading, PA Chapter

Date: TBD

Plant Tour: Carbtech 

POC: Thomas Flock 




Please feel free to contact any of us, if you have a questions

Region Leadership Team

Kevin Drevik
Region Vice President

Northern Assistant Regional Vice President

Nicole Heiges
Assistant Regional Vice President for Student Development
Young Practicing
Professional Rep and Deputy Assistant RVP for Student Development
Newsletter Editor
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