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     August 2011                                                                                    Newsletter Editor:  Lew Cox

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Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter news and kudos


The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has a population of more than 6 million people, and the Dallas Business Journal of Lists for 2006 lists eleven companies in the Metroplex that have over 10,000 employees each. The same source listed an additional 15 companies with a number of employees between 3,000 and 10,000, and the Metroplex harbors innumerable small businesses. The diversity of the employers ranges from manufacturing to service, from industrial to governmental, and from farming and ranching to high-tech.


The industrial engineers in this large and diverse environment are served by the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of IIE, Chapter Number 10. The chapter had a very successful 2010-2011 chapter year, holding 10 programs, each with an average attendance of 20 members and guests. The activities for the chapter year included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • The Container Store Distribution Center Tour 
  • General Motors SUV Plant Tour
  • FedEx Express Air Hub Tour
  • APM All Plastics Molding's Tour
  • UT-Arlington Joint Student Meeting / Panel Children's Hospital / TMAC
  • Joint Meeting HFES Ergonomics / Guest Speakers
  • DFW IIE Professional and Student Social
  • Ft. Worth Food Bank Day of Service
  • DRSEF- Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair 

As the capstone recognition of its efforts, the chapter received a Silver Chapter IIE Excellence Award for professional chapters.  


Chapter President, Michael Foss , notes that the chapter has engaged new leadership and additional volunteers for the 2011-2012 year and looks forward to continuing growth and activities to the good of IIE and the industrial engineers in the Dallas-
Ft. Worth area.

Watch the South Central Region Newsletter for updates as Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter builds on its accomplishments.


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-Isms, -ists and IEs

By Lew Cox

Over the last 50 years or so, a number of societal issues have arisen, gained much attention, and been named by words ending in -ism and -ist. In general, the -ism and -ist suffixes have come to describe situations where clichéd stereotypes, usually unfavorable, are used to define an entire group, albeit unfairly and incorrectly. Four of the most prominent -ists and -isms are the following artificial delineators and differentiators.


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Award winner highlighted - Baski Balasundaram- Regional Outstanding Faculty Advisor

By Lew Cox 


A number of factors enter into the operation of a successful chapter of IIE, whether professional or student. The student chapters have the usual operating challenges, plus additional responsibilities not specific to the professional chapters. These include having the usual interesting meetings, plus mentoring and urging the student members toward professional membership upon graduation. Recognizing the student chapters are made up of talented, but perhaps less workforce-seasoned members, the Institute requires each student chapter to have a faculty advisor assigned to it.


The faculty advisor treads the fine line of providing oversight and advice when needed while allowing the student members to run their own show. In recognition of the faculty advisor's work, the Institute awards the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award in each region.


At the Reno conference, the South Central Regional Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award was bestowed upon Balabhaskar (Baski) Balasundaram of Oklahoma State University. With academic preparation from the Indian Institute of Technology and Texas A & M University, Baski teaches and conducts research in areas of optimization and data mining.


In addition to his other academic duties, Baski guides the Oklahoma State University student chapter. He and his stalwart crew of student officers and helpers conducted the successful 2011 South Central Regional Conference in February with the theme "Industrial Evolution." It was the chapter's overall successful operation throughout the 2010 - 2011 year that led to Dr. Balasundaram's receiving the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award for the South Central Region.

Very good, Baski. Well-deserved congratulations!

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Managerial score: Listener 1, Change Agent 0

By Lew Cox

As noted in previous South Central Region newsletters, as an industrial engineer, chances are you are in one of three situations; i.e., 1) you have just been promoted, 2) you are about to be promoted, or 3) you will be promoted soon. This can happen in the organization in which you now work or in the organization to which you are moving.


In any case, there are a few things that are apt to happen as a result of your move or in-house promotion. If you are promoted over the group in which you work, you will find that your relationships in the group will change. Jokes you used to make will now be interpreted differently, since you are now "the boss."  When you are in the group for lunch or other off-work occasions, their comments will be more constrained, and they will not be able to dump their frustrations among themselves as easily, again because you are now "the boss." Comments you make that you consider to be essentially throwaway lines will be taken as calls to action ("the boss," again). Full article


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Progress!, Progress?, or the Darth Vader effect - IEs can help
By Lew Cox

Humans are very innovative, very adaptable, and pretty good at adapting and adopting ideas, systems, and mechanisms. Using these attributes, humans have made great progress, depending on how one defines progress. Humans have also proved that progress is a two-edged sword. For virtually every good scientific and engineering development, there is the Darth Vader effect; i.e., the potential or actuality of its effects moving to the Dark Side. Here are some for instances. Full article


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Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter news and kudos
-Isms, -ists and IEs
Award Winner Highlighted- Baski Balasundaram
Managerial score: Listener 1, Change Agent 0
Progress!, Progress?, or the Darth Vader effect - IEs can help


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