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Fundamental of IIE Course
Message from Region Vice President 
Kevin Drevik

Endings - and Beginnings

May has arrived, and for many IIE students, it's time for thoughts of summer and/or jobs (or summer jobs?). For ongoing students, the search is on for internships or positions that will prepare them for the future. For graduates, it's the search for jobs - ones that fulfill, and ones that pay the bill! Luckily, the Institute is available, with its job board for internships and full-time positions. The professional chapters in your areas have their own job boards, and the opportunity to network with members who currently hold positions of responsibility within their companies.


I wanted to thank the students and faculty of Northeastern University for an excellent Regional conference. I felt the speakers were good, and the topics were fairly wide ranging. There was a definite interest in the healthcare area for IEs, which isn't much of a shock - it's the fastest growing area in our field and one that sorely needs industrial engineering skills.


For the professional chapters, I know the summer tends to be more of a 'fall off' period, when people go on vacations, and chapters wait until September to really kick back into gear. If there are events, they tend to be very fun ones (visits to ballparks, site tours, etc.)Don't forget the annual conference in Reno, Nev., if you haven't signed up.


The next regional newsletter isn't out until September. Until then, everyone have a great summer!


Kevin Drevik

IIE Northeast Region VP

(856) 630-2485



Webinars online

One of the latest features offered by IIE is the library of webinars, available to members to review. Simply log onto the IIE website, go to the "training" tab, and scroll down to "webinars." Or you can click here.

The webinars page holds more than 80 webinars to date on such topics as careers, health systems, lean, Six Sigma and process improvement. Just click and go! It's an especially useful tool for IIE professionals outside the boundaries of the 10 professional chapters. It's also useful for students seeking further guidance on careers and potential duties in IIE.


Take advantage of the efforts of IEs, as we all try to improve ourselves, our companies, and the world in general.


Jobs, jobs, jobs!
I noted in the last several month's newsletter that the IIE website has an extensive job board, which is updated daily with IE specific positions throughout the Northeast. These positions range from entry level to CEO, and are located in just about every state(from Delaware to New Hampshire, Maine to Pennsylvania).

As of April 25, these states had the following number of open positions sent to IIE:

Delaware - 7
New Jersey - 29
New York - 141
Pennsylvania - 88
Massachusetts - 47
Connecticut -30
Rhode Island - 3
Maine - 1
Vermont - 2
New Hampshire -56

The website also had roughly five times that many job postings that it aggregated from other search engines.

Take advantage of this opportunity, or let your peers know. Also make sure you stay in touch with your local chapter, as they may have additional postings. IIE Career Center
 IIE Six Sigma Online On-Demand Training

Networking with other professionals is often the best way to find out about new opportunities, gain important references and to learn from the experience of others. As a member of IIE living in the Northeast, you have a number of online networking opportunities:
Boston Chapter members and student members going to school within the Boston Chapter Service Area

Institute of Industrial Engineers Northeast Region
Professional members who live or student members going to school within the Northeast Region

Institute of Industrial Engineers
Professional and student members of IIE

Professional and student members of IIE



May 2011


South Jersey-Delaware Valley

Date: May 18

Design for Sustainability Dinner Meeting

Contact & RSVP:

Tom Massapollo


 Central CT Chapter 

Date: TBD

Student Presentations and Scholarship Award Dinner

Contact & RSVP:

Brian Nathanson



Please feel free to contact any of us, if you have a questions

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Region Vice President

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