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President's message
Dear IIE Computers and Information Systems (CIS) Division members,
Welcome to a new academic year of CIS activities. For those of you not familiar, these activities are usually organized by a set of board members. The list of board members is available on the CIS website. Yongpei Guan from University of Florida, Seokcheon Lee from Purdue University and John M. Usher from Mississippi State University were recently elected to join the CIS board as directors. Also, Young-Jun Son from University of Arizona is the new president-elect for the division. Congratulations to all of them. Our best wishes to exiting board members Larry Whitman, Celestine Ntuen and Chandra Yeleshwarapu. We would like to thank them for their service. I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage each one of you to become active in the CIS division. We would like you to provide feedback, volunteer for activities and participate in the annual conference. More from the president
IIE CIS Events at IERC 2010, Cancún, Mexico (Town Hall Minutes)
The IIE industrial engineering research conference (IERC) was held from June 5-9 in Cancún, Mexico. The CIS track was organized by Seokcheon Lee from Purdue and Natarajan Gautam from Texas A&M. There were 11 sessions in the CIS track which consisted of a total of 33 talks. Of the 33 talks, 17 included a conference proceeding paper. One of the 17 papers won the best CIS paper award (Multiscale Recurrence Analysis of Complex Physiological Rhythmic Dynamics by Hui Yang at the University of South Florida) and another won the best CIS student paper (Real-time Modeling of Cardiovascular Dynamics using Electrocardiogram-based Activation Functions by Trung Quoc Le advised by Satish Bukkapatnam at Oklahoma State University). Further, besides the 11 sessions in the CIS track, Seokcheon Lee presented a CIS-related tutorial on Engineering Applications of Social Welfare Functions.  Read more 
Announcement: IIE-CIS Division best IERC student paper award  

The IIE Computer and Information Systems (CIS) Division solicits applications for the IIE-CIS Best Student Paper Award at the IIE Annual Meeting (IERC 2011) to be held May 21-25, 2011 in Reno, Nev. 

Qualification:  In order to be qualified for the award, the students must: (a) submit a paper (invited or contributed) for the conference using the usual submission process, (b) fill out an application and (c) present their work at the conference.  Candidate papers will come from those submitted to the CIS Track and accepted through the regular submission process. The student must be the primary author (first author) of the paper as well as the presenting author.  If multiple students are co-authors, all of their names should appear before their advisor(s) in the list of authors.

Eligibility:  Only those who will be students (undergraduate or graduate students) on the application submission date are qualified for the best student paper.  That means those who will graduate on or after May 2011 will be eligible for the award.  Finally, students must be current members of the IIE and CIS Division at the time of paper submission to be eligible for the award.

Application:  For those who are interested, after you have submitted a paper under the CIS track, send an application package by including the following information via e-mail to the Chair of the Award Committee, Young-Jun Son by Feb. 15, 2011:
  1. Your name and contact information (e-mail, telephone), department and university
  2. Paper information (Paper ID, Title, List of Authors)
  3. Advisor's letter proving that you are the primary co-author of the paper and that you are eligible.
The judges will evaluate the candidate papers and determine a winner by March 31, 2011. There will be one winner, and each award winner will receive a certificate.
Announcement: Call for papers and session chairs/organizers for 2011 IERC

2011 Industrial Engineering Research Conference
Grand Sierra Resort Hotel, Reno, Nev.
May 21-25, 2011
Track: Computer and Information Systems Track
Deadline for abstract submission is Nov. 12
Abstracts are limited to 100 words

Dear colleagues
The Computer and Information Systems Division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) is sponsoring the Computer and Information Systems Track of the Industrial Engineering Research Conference (
IERC) - the research portion of the IIE Annual Conference 2011 that provides a forum for researchers to present their work. The details

Research gallery

Topic: Design, Engineering, and Control of Integrated, Extended, Manufacturing and Service Enterprises

By Young-Jun Son, Professor of Systems and Industrial Engineering, Director of Advanced Integration of Manufacturing Systems and Technologies (AIMST) Center, the University of Arizona

1. Research Overview
Since Dr. Son joined the Systems and Industrial Engineering Department in 2000, he and his research team have made significant efforts to develop the new field of Distributed Federation of Multi-paradigm Simulations and expand the field of Computer Integrated Control to encompass the Extended Manufacturing and Service Enterprises.  Complete article
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President's Message
IIE-CIS Events at IERC 2010
Best IERC student paper award
Announcement: Call for papers and session chairs/organizers for 2011 IERC
Research gallery
Computer and Information

Tao Yao
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Immediate Past President
Texas A&M


Young-Jun Son
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Director 2009-2011
Senior Research Scientist
Honeywell Labs

Directors 2010-2012
Yongpei Guan
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John M. Usher
 Professor of 
 Industrial and systems
Mississippi State University