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     May 2010     

IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2010
Calling All Students 

Plan now to be in Cancún for the IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2010
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President's message
Dear CIS Division members,
We have almost come to the end of an academic year of CIS division activities culminating with the annual conference. I sincerely hope to see you in Cancún at the conference and in particular at the Town Hall meeting. We would like to hear your suggestions and feedback as well as bring up CIS-related issues that we ought to discuss at the Town Hall meeting. Soon after the meeting, my colleague Tao Yao from Penn State would take over from me as president and I wish him all the success for a fantastic year ahead. I personally found this experience extremely rewarding, thanks to the fabulous support from the board members. More from the president

IIE 2010 Annual Conference, CIS activities planned
June 5-9
Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Hotel
Cancún, Mexico

The 2010 IIE Annual Conference & Expo will attract an international audience of business professionals and academia representatives from the industrial engineering and related professions. As the economy continues
to challenge corporations and businesses, the role of industrial engineers becomes more vital than ever before. This conference will provide you with the most up-to-date IE tools.

Computer & Information Systems Division activities planned
An exciting program for the CIS division awaits you at the upcoming 2010 IIE annual. Your participation in CIS Division affairs is important to us. Below is a snapshot of what we've put together for you this year.  
Sunday, June 6 (IE Research Sessions)
8 a.m. | Product Design & Analysis
11 a.m. | Supply Chain Design & Management
12:30 p.m. | RFID/WSN Applications in Manufacturing Environment
2 p.m. | Intelligent Decision Making in Transportation Systems
3:30 p.m. | Information and Sensor Networks
5 p.m. | Computer & Information Systems Division Town Hall Meeting.
Monday, June 7 (IE Research Sessions)
7 a.m. | Networking Breakfast
8 a.m. | Resource Sharing in Supply Networks through Information and Knowledge Management
12:55 p.m. | IT Enabled Design of Products and Systems
2:20 p.m. | Computational Modeling and Analysis in Biology I
3:55 p.m. | Computational Modeling and Analysis in Biology II
5:15 p.m. | E-commerce
Tuesday, June 8 (IE Research Sessions)
8 a.m. | IT-enabled Education

Annual conference website
CIS Division best student paper competition
The new IIE-CIS Best Student Paper Competition went very well this year. We received several excellent papers, and three judges performed a double-blind review and selected the best paper. This year, the award goes to Trung Quoc Le at Oklahoma State University who was advised by Professor Satish Bukkapatnam for their paper, entitled "Real-time Modeling of Cardiovascular Dynamics using Electrocardiogram-based Activation Functions." The award winner will receive a certificate at the IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2010 next month. The IIE-CIS Board members look forward to receiving many competitive papers from students in future years as well.
IIE CIS track best paper award
This year, we have received a lot of excellent papers in the IIE CIS Track. Three judges performed a double-blind review and selected the best IIE CIS Track paper. This year, the award goes to "Multiscale Recurrence Analysis of Complex Physiological Rhythmic Dynamics" by Dr. Hui Yang at the University of South Florida. The award winner will receive a certificate at the IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2010 next month. The IIE-CIS Board members look forward to receiving many competitive papers in future years as well.

Research gallery
Topic 1 - Contextual Reasoning in Sensor Enabled Event Driven Systems 
By Keshava Rangarajan, Application Architect, Oracle
Turning the massive potential promised by sensor-based solutions like RFID and mobile devices into a sustainable competitive advantage depends on how effectively the sensed signals/events can be turned into operational intelligence and subsequently leveraged to optimize business processes. There now is the realization that intelligent reasoning is required for such systems to be truly effective. Read more 
Topic 2 - Sensor Networks and Complex Systems Research
By Satish Bukkapatnam, Oklahoma State University
Due to increasing global competition and security perceptions, continuous, round-the-clock quality and integrity monitoring is becoming increasingly necessary for survival of modern engineering systems. These systems include many precision and nano-manufacturing processes as well as infrastructure and lifeline systems of interest to medical, transportation, and defense sectors. These systems are beginning to operate in data-rich environments. Sensor technologies are becoming available to interrogate any aspect of modern engineering systems at every conceivable scale of resolution. Read more
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President's Message
IIE 2010 annual conference and CIS activities planned
CIS division best student paper competition
Research gallery
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