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     May 2010                                                                                                

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Message from the region vice president  
Kevin Drevik
Well, May has come, and with it a time of transition and change, new possibilities, and new responsibilities. I've started talking one-on-one with chapter presidents and the responses on their chapter status and needs are interesting.

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 Jobs, jobs, jobs!

The IIE Career Center is updated daily with IE specific positions throughout the Northeast. These positions range from entry level to CEO, and are located in almost every state in the region.
Just a sample of the jobs which were posted for the last week of April:
  • Demand Manager - Wayne, N.J.
  • Manager of Lean Six Sigma - Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Operations Manager, Medical records - Lewes, Del.
  • Transportation Pricing Analyst - Danbury, Conn.
  • Process improvement specialist - Worcester, Mass.
  • Process Modeling Engineer - Waterford, N.Y.
  • QA Specialist - Marietta, Pa.
  • Quality Manager - Bedford, N.H.
Take advantage of this opportunity, or let your peers know. Also make sure you stay in touch with your local chapter, as they may have additional postings. IIE Career Center
MaryPat Cooper and Tom Masapollo
Calling all students!
Plan now to be in Cancún for IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2010
New workshop added to student track at IIE Annual Conference
Leadership Workshop
 - Model of the United Nations
A Model of the United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of a session inside the United Nations. This means that the students that take part in the Model are representing the different countries that are members of the U.N. as if they were U.N. Delegates for these countries. In the model, these students take part in a debate and make proposals to solve the different situations presented to them.
Learn more about the workshop
 IIE Six Sigma Online On-Demand Training
Networking with other professionals is often the best way to find out about new opportunities, gain important references and to learn from the experience of others. As a member of IIE living in the Northeast, you have a number of online networking opportunities:
Boston Chapter members and student members going to school within the Boston Chapter Service Area
Institute of Industrial Engineers Northeast Region
Professional members who live or student members going to school within the Northeast Region

Institute of Industrial Engineers
Professional and student members of IIE
Institute of Industrial Engineers
Professional and student members of IIE
May 2010
Long Island Chapter
6 p.m., May 18
Tour of Air Techniques Melville, N.Y.
Contact and RSVP
(516) 214-5588
South Jersey-Delaware Valley
6:30 p.m., May 21
Site Tour: Estee Lauder
RSVP: Tom Masapollo
(856) 626-3373  
Reading, Pa., Chapter
6 p.m., May 27
Dinner Meeting: Decision Sciences at Air Products
Penn State Berks Campus
RSVP: Tom Goodreau
Pittsburgh Chapter
5 p.m., May 20
Annual Pirates Game & Tailgate
Region Leadership Team
Kevin Drevik
Region Vice President
Northern Assistant Regional Vice President
Nicole Heiges
 Assistant Regional Vice President for Student Development
Dana Wexler
Young Practicing
Professional Rep and Deputy Assistant RVP for Student Development
Conal Scanlon