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IIE 2010 Annual Conference | Cancun, Mexico
  Post a Job with IIE has a new look
The SHS Web site ( has been redesigned and reorganized. Explore the new site and share the link with your colleagues!
New features include:
  • Quick Links and Drop-down menus. It's now easier and faster to find the information you seek.
  • Tools and Resources organized by topic or function.  Working on a project? Now you can easily see if there are any resources that could be beneficial.
  • Healthcare-specific Career Center. Post a job or search for a job specific to management engineers (ME) or performance improvement (PI) professionals. The career center highlights positions from the SHS job postings, but also lists positions posted elsewhere on the Web. SHS now has the most comprehensive listing of open ME/PI positions in one place.
Special thanks to the following members for their assistance in providing recommendations for the new site: Laura English, Lesley Strawderman, Sara Falkiewicz, Heather Vass, Gerry Macks, Charles Cook, Marci Jackson, Pauline Hogan, Todd Schneider and David Brandt.
Hospital Operating System
Unleashing Throughput Potential
In the business management theory of constraints, throughput is the rate at which a system achieves its purpose. For a hospital the purpose or "aim of the system," as W. Edward Deming refers to it, is to deliver quality patient care as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, the fragmentation of a hospital's activities across departmental operational silos propagates waste, compromising throughput.
The assertion of this white paper is that a hospital will not be able to manage throughput for the achievement of its purpose until it becomes a system of interconnected activities.   
Survey of Quality Management
 Practices in Healthcare
Calling all quality professionals: We need your participation and input!
As a hospital quality professional, we are interested in your input on how quality management methods are used in your organization. Three universities are working together to focus on the current state of practice for quality management methods in hospitals. Management faculty from Boston University, Boston College and the University of Texas at Houston have developed a survey (in the link below) to better understand how quality techniques are being used, what works well or where gaps might exist, and what overall experience hospitals have in this area. The findings from this research will remain confidential and will be used only for aggregate statistical purposes.

We would like to invite you to take part in this study investigating the use of quality management methods in hospitals. We realize that your time is very valuable, but we hope that you can spend the next 10-12 minutes to complete this important questionnaire. Take the survey 
Please answer the questions from the perspective of your role as a quality professional in your current organization. If you wish, we will be happy to provide a summary report of the findings once they are compiled. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jim Langabeer or by phone at (713) 500-9190.
SHS/ASQ 2010 Conference 
Student Attendee Impression | Sarah Manning, University of Nebraska
A special thank you to the conference committee for the planning and execution of another succesful conference.

Dean Athanassiades | David Eitel | Curt Niekamp | Greg Blanks | Joyce Siegele | Adrienne Dickerson | Amanda Mewborn | Ashley Benedict | Douglas Dotan | Glenn Bodinson | Keith Messner | Lesley Strawderman | Mary Ellen Skeens
Day 1 - Thursday, Feb. 25
Pre-conference workshops and an evening welcome reception kicked off the official start of the SHS/ASQ Conference and Expo 2010. Dozens of conference attendees gathered Thursday evening to catch up with old friends and talk of expectations and solutions to be found during the weekend.
Day 2 - Friday, Feb. 26
Day two included the start of education tracks (Lean Six Sigma, Quality, Leadership and Management, Analytics and Systems Engineering and Human Factors), poster sessions, exhibits, the annual art project, diplomate honors and an evening networking reception among attendees and exhibitors.
Day 3 - Saturday, Feb. 27
Attendees continued to find informative and insightful education tracks. They also got the chance to participate in another poster session and visit the exhibit hall once more.
The April newsletter will include a complete review of the conference.
Courses held at IIE Headquarters in Norcross, Ga.
Online On Demand:
 April 12-17: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare
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