Quality Control & Reliability Engineering Division
    February 2010
Greetings from the President
It has been my great pleasure and honor to serve all of you as president of the IIE QCRE Division. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for helping us to achieve our goals to better serve the quality and reliability communities.
We have a very motivated and productive team this year. I want to thank Professor Shiyu Zhou for his leadership during 2008-09 and continued support during 2009-10. We were fortunate to have Gregory H. Watson, chairman of Business Excellence Solutions Ltd., and Professor Nagi Gebraeel, Georgia Institute of Technology, on the Board (2008-10). We were also happy to welcome two new board members: Professor Om Yadav, of North Dakota State University and Trevor Craney of Shell Exploration & Production (2009-11). They are bringing their expertise in quality and reliability engineering from both academia and industry to the board. More from the President
Introducing Your New QCRE Division Board Members:
Trevor Craney
is the reliability team lead for the Shell Exploration & Production unit in Houston, Texas. His areas of expertise are in the practice of statistics, reliability and industrial engineering in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. He holds three masters degrees in these fields in addition to professional certifications in both quality and reliability engineering from ASQ. Trevor has been a senior member of IIE since 2007 and active in QCRE since 2006. He is the editor of the Reliability Review which is published by the ASQ Reliability Division where he has also served as its vice chair for membership. We welcome his applications orientation and believe that his very practical, hands on approach to reliability applications will be most welcome among our members!

Dr. Om Prakash Yadav is an assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering at North Dakota State University in Fargo, N.D. He received his Ph.D. in industrial engineering in 2002 from Wayne State University and he worked briefly with TRW and Ford prior to joining the Adjunct Faculty at the University of Michigan. In 2004, he began a full-time academic career at North Dakota State. Yadav has been an active member of QCRE Division since 2005 and he has delivered papers in the last five IERC conferences. In 2007, he organized and chaired invited sessions in reliability at the IERC in Nashville and in 2009 he was a session chair at the IERC. In addition to IIE, he has been active in the Society of Automotive Engineers, ASQ and SME.
Industrial Engineering Research Conference (IERC) Developments

The QCRE Division Track at the IERC 2010 Conference Track is shaping up nicely. It looks like CancĂșn will be full of interesting presentations! More than 50 abstracts have been accepted for the conference which indicates a high-level of interest in this first-ever IIE Annual Conference and Expo in Mexico. We are currently involved in the paper submission process and will be conducting the next round of reviews in the near future.
Member Survey Results

QCRE conducted a member survey to discover the interests of our Division as a starting point for developing a QCRE Track in the Applied Solutions Conference (ASC). While we sent the survey out to all of our members (more than 2,500 of us), we had 62 respondents to the survey. The topics that respondents felt had the most degree of challenge for IE's were (presented in order of the percent of respondents that graded the item at the top of the scale):
  • Developing actionabe performance measurement systems that predict gaps in results based on in-process performance monitors for both business and technical indicators of process performance (41 percent).
  • Engaging front-line workers in performance improvement activities which encourage their innovative participation in identifying, evaluating, experimenting, and executing performance improvements in their work environment (41 percent). 
  • Integrating quality and reliability methods into the mainstream process for business management to achieve operations excellence (38 percent). 
  • Engaging senior management in conversations about improving the quality of services or products in our organization (36 percent).
  • Training your people in the use or application of basic quality and reliability tools or methods (36 percent).
We will use this information to solicit tutorials and papers on these subjects for 2011 ASC in Reno, Nevada in these areas. If anyone has an especially good practice in one of these areas and would be interested in sharing, then we would like to hear from you as we plan next year's program!

Applied Solutions Conference (ASC) Developments

Of the respondents to our survey, 35 people indicated a willingness to submit papers for the ASC. From this group we received 15 abstracts and selected 10 for presentation with three held in reserve as backup presentations. ASC does not require formal papers so presentations will be submitted in March for final review.

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