October 2010
"When so rich a harvest is before us, why do we not gather it?
All is in our hands if we will but use it."

-- Elizabeth Seton
Wednesday is drop-off and pick-up day for Greenhorn Acres CSA and for milk shares.
For added convenience, Ranch Foods Direct will stay open an extra hour, starting next Wednesday, from 6  to 7 p.m. Instead of rushing in, relax and enjoy extra shopping time!

Last minute meals made easy

Get the same great taste you've sampled at Ranch Foods Direct, with pre-prepped meat entrees, vacuum-packaged, ready for the grill or the oven, with minimal steps required. Select from these mouth-watering entrees:

Carne Asada, Mexican taqueria-style marinated flank steak;
Garlic-stuffed California tri-tip;
Festive fajita-ready marinated flank steak;
Pesto-infused boneless skinless chicken breast.

As fall arrives, great sales continue

Delicious discounts continue on these favorites:

Flavorful tri-tip roasts, 20 percent off.
Top Sirloin and Chuck Roasts, both 15 percent off.
New York Strip, Ribeye, Ribeye Roll, and Prime Rib, all 20 percent off.
Pork Sirloin Steak, $4.19 per pound.
Bulk Pet Food (40 pounds or more): $1.25 per pound.
Marrow Bones: $2.50 per pound.
Monday-through-Wednesday Ground Beef Special... Buy two packs get 1 FREE. (Available on 80 and 85 percent lean ground, only)

When the last of the season's fresh chilies meet the first chilly days... it's the perfect time to make green chili!

Get conveniently packaged roasted green chilies at Ranch Foods Direct.

Amuze tableCLICK HERE for a PDF with green chili recipes that feature BEEF.

Peppers are made for "poppers" ...

The array of peppers available now is positively dazzling! Ranch Foods Direct has all of the ingredients to make great pepper poppers. Simply slice in half the pepper of your choice and clean out the seeds. Fill with a mixture of American Heritage Cream Cheese Spread and grated cheddar, wrap in a half slice of Applewood smoked bacon and broil in the Flavor Wave cooker or oven approx 10 minutes or until the bacon is cooked and sizzling. Makes a fun fall appetizer.

A sweet end to summer...

Ranch Foods Direct continues to offer Olathe sweet corn, Palisade peaches and more. Get these summer treasures while they last!


"I work with David Anderson. I actually sit next to him and continually hear him talk so highly of your company and your meat products. I had never tried any of your steaks until last night.  David bought me one, actually two, for my upcoming birthday. I took the steaks home and discovered that I was out of propane for my gas grill, so I ended up pan-frying one of the two beautiful KC Strip steaks I received from  David. I must say, I never would have believed that there would have been such a difference between your steaks and the ones I normally purchase at Safeway. Your steak was heaven!  I have never had a steak as tender, juicy and tasty as yours. I quickly texted David to share my excitement for the steak and quickly pronounced it the best steak I had ever had.

I joked with him this morning -- but with all honestly -- that it took all my willpower to not cook up the second steak and eat it right after the first one. It was that good!

 Thank you for taking my eating experience to a whole new level."

 -- Simon Neave

The fruits of fall...

include pumpkins, coming soon, from Austin Family Farm. Grapes, berries and apples are currently available, along with organic apple juice and apple cider. Come celebrate fall with seasonal favorites direct from a special farm family. Happy fall from Ranch Foods Direct!
Basket of Pumpkins

Ranch Foods Direct is like a convenient year-round farmers market.

The Colorado Farm and Art Market, which is comprised of many Ranch Foods Direct suppliers, ends for the season on Sat., Oct. 16.

Denver Urban Homesteading on South Santa Fe (with easy access from I-25) offers the state's only year-round farmers market AND features Ranch Foods Direct products.

In addition, Denver Urban Homesteading offers educational field trips and classes (like a Denver area chicken coop tour happening this weekend.) CHECK OUT all their great offerings online.

"Anything you can do with a potato, a carrot, a yam, a butternut squash or a parsnip, you can do with a pumpkin... You can chunk them and roast them with spices and herbs, or saute them with onions and garlic as a side dish. Pumpkin sautes like a dream, and it reheats well, too."

-- Lynne Rossetto Kasper, syndicated columnist and host of The Splendid Table

To shop online or visit the Ranch Foods Direct website, CLICK HERE.