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Rare Meat Customer Newsletter
September 2010

"You want to talk about returns? At 1,000:1 in four months a tomato seed makes even the highest fliers seem paltry." - Gardening Guru Eliot Coleman

It's the peak of the season for local produce and summer-into-fall grilling, roasting and braising meats at Ranch Foods Direct.

  • Stock up for Labor Day weekend!
  • Another class on cultivating a seasonal kitchen
  • At Colorado College, school food worth celebrating
  • Back to school... with fresh, local food
  • Make a quick peach salsa

  • Another class on cultivating a seasonal kitchen

    Spend a couple of hours sharing ideas about how to incorporate fresh seasonal produce into tasty, affordable dishes when Michele Mukatis brings her next cooking class to Ranch Foods Direct! Date is Saturday, September 11; time is 9:30 a.m.; cost to attend is $35. Call her at (719) 231-6265 to sign up. (Her e-mail is [email protected].)

    At Colorado College, school food worth celebrating
    CC student farm

    The interns who run the student farm at Colorado College (that's Rebecca Levi, left, and Jillian Gold, working at the farm along Fountain Creek) are taking inspiration from Bill McDorman, who gave a passionate lecture on campus last month about the magic of saving back seed and took time during his trip to visit the student farm.

    For the first time ever, they are hosting a seed exchange during their Annual Harvest Dinner, a fundraiser and food festival planned for Sept. 16. (McDorman advocated turning potlucks into seed exchanges rather than just recipe exchanges.)

    "It's a celebration of everything we've done this season and a display of local food," says Gold, one of three paid interns. "It's a fundraising event, and it's open to the community as a form of outreach. We have a lot of loyal followers, but we also welcome new people. We'll talk about what we do and how the garden plays into the local food movement."

    Tickets are $30 for individuals, $50 for couples and can be reserved by e-mailing [email protected]. Make your reservations soon, as the intern-hosts expect a sell-out!

    Back to school... with fresh, local food

    Just a reminder... the public is invited to eat at any of the dining halls on the CC campus throughout the year and weekly menus are available on-line. You will find that the menus are often built around meat from Ranch Foods Direct and produce from Arkansas Valley Organic Growers, a Ranch Foods Direct preferred supplier. Bon Appetit at Colorado College gets as much as 60 percent of the food they serve at any one time from local sources, and it doesn't get any more local than growing your own.

    Make a quick peach salsa
    Chef Cathy

    Here's a quick seasonal recipe from Chef Cathy at the Margarita at Pine Creek, host of the Saturday Farm and Art Market, 9 am to 1 pm. (They regularly feature Ranch Foods Direct on their menus, which change weekly to reflect the freshest and the best of what is available locally.)

    Mix together: One-half red onion, diced; 1 bunch green onions, diced; 1 jalapeno, seeded and minced; one-half bunch fresh cilantro, roughly chopped; mint sprig or two, finely minced; 5 ripe peaches, large dice. Squeeze juice of one orange over all. Season with salt and pepper. For heat, sprinkle in Amarillo dried ground chili pepper (available at Extraordinary Ingredients Gourmet Pantry, 612 North Tejon Street, 473-8270.) Great served over white fish such as halibut or swordfish, or over salmon.

    Stock up for Labor Day weekend!

    Ranch Foods Direct will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, Sept. 6... That means Saturday 8-5 is your last opportunity before the holiday weekend to take advantage of continuing great specials on popular steaks, burgers and roasts at Ranch Foods Direct!

    ■ New sale item: Flavorful Tri-tip Roasts, 20% off through September. ■ Last month's great sales continue: Top Sirloin and Chuck Roasts, both 15% off; New York Strips, Ribeye, Ribeye Roll, and Prime Rib, all 20% off; Pork Sirloin Steak - $4.19/lb Mon-Thru-Wed Ground Beef Special! Buy 2 get 1 FREE! (80 & 85% lean ground only) ■ Don't forget your pet! Bulk pet food (40 lbs or more) $1.25/lb. Marrow Bones: $2.50/lb

    Coming up Sept. 26 during LOCAL FOODS WEEK... at the signature event, a recipe contest and fundraiser at the Care and Share Food Bank warehouse, Ranch Foods Direct will be grilling meat to serve alongside what the participants bring. (After the judges do their tasting, the dishes will go out for everyone to share, potluck-style.) Plan to take part in LOCAL FOOD WEEK festivities. For details, use the Quick Links below to visit the Peak to Plains Alliance website. Also use the quick link to shop Ranch Foods Direct online.

    Peak to Plains Alliance LOCAL FOOD WEEK details here.
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    LOCAL FOOD WEEK COMING SEPT. 19-26. Visit Peak to Plains Alliance website for details, CLICK HERE.

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