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Meet aspiring Olympian Amanda Stevens!

Ranch Foods Direct is sponsoring this busy professional triathlete, providing her with a home service plan full of healthy meat and vegetables. Her high performance lifestyle demands the appropriate fuel, and she responds by cooking up simple recipes that are quick, easy, delicious and nutritious!


More on eating like an Olympian … Here’s a blog by UCCS Professor Nanna Meyers and two of her sports nutrition graduate students sharing their experiences serving as the official nutritionists for the U.S. Olympic Speed Skating Team in Vancouver last month.

Recipe Box

Goat cheese has a taste that echoes the tangy freshness of spring. Rob Anderson and his wife Amy, who sell their Mini Moos cheeses at Ranch Foods Direct, minimize the salt in their cheeses and use the freshest ingredients to create a clean wholesome taste. Read about what makes their cheese unique and find some spring recipes that make use of this delectable ingredient, by clicking HERE.

Attend a primer on improving school nutrition

The Pikes Peak Farm to School group is partnering with the Colorado Springs District 11 Good Food Project to show FREE screenings of two important films about the American food system this spring.

CLICK HERE for a flyer.

CLICK HERE for the inspiring list of improvements District 11 is making in their school cafeterias, including serving Ranch Foods Direct all-beef hamburgers.

Taking the “bake” out of bake sales?
How has it come to this? A good example of the ill-fated bureaucratic “food police” approach to healthy eating occurs in the The New York Times, which has continued to report on a troubling decision by the New York City Public Schools to swap Light Ranch Doritos for home-baked goods at school fundraisers, supposedly to combat obesity. For a New York Times report on the dust-up, CLICK HERE.

Calling all Junior Farmhands!

Local treasure Venetucci Farm offers some great summer camps for kids. “We've found that people interested in a better connection to their food also want their children to make that connection,” says David Rudin, education coordinator at the farm.

CLICK HERE for a flyer with all the details.

Did you know? … In South Korea, 98 percent of food waste is recycled, usually composted or fed to livestock. It’s exactly the opposite in the U.S., where only 2.6 percent of municipal food waste is recycled. (From WASTE: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal by Tristram Stuart, CLICK HERE or HERE.)

USDA admits false advertising problem

As the popularity of organics grows, stores are increasingly flooded with cheap organic brands. Consumers are forced to rely on an understaffed and under- funded government agency to enforce organic standards and prevent offenders from selling fakes. Instead of buying based on packaging and labeling, consider buying food from someone you know.

CLICK HERE to read an article on enforcement problems at the USDA organics program.

On Cows and Corn
Ranch Foods Direct owner Mike Callicrate was recently questioned about a long-used but increasingly controversial production practice: feeding corn to cattle. Is Ranch Foods Direct beef grain-finished? CLICK HERE for the question and Mike’s response.

You deserve a steak today
Look for great rib-eyes and strip steaks at Ranch Foods Direct… the best quality beef at a great price! BUT THERE’S MORE THAN JUST BEEF: Rabbits are the new chickens, according to a March article in the NEW YORK TIMES. (CLICK HERE) Whole frozen rabbits, duck, bison, wild seafood — an exciting variety of healthy meats are available at Ranch Foods Direct. Come in now for Easter hams and breakfast sausages!

LOCALLY RAISED AND PROCESSED Arkansas Valley PORK from Colorado’s Nick Mauro family is now available in the meat case at Ranch Foods Direct.

FOR A HEALTHY SNACK, TRY Pappa Hill’s all-natural bagged popcorn at Ranch Foods Direct. Just the simplest ingredients: olive and sunflower oils, and organic sea salt. Also offered in a tasty chocolate-coated version.

Honor your pet
During your pet’s lifetime you can enhance their quality-of-life with healthy raw pet foods from Ranch Foods Direct. And for ways to honor the passing of a beloved pet, read a national article, HERE, that features Ranch Foods Direct customer Pat Boone.

April Buzz
Denver Urban Homesteading, 200 Santa Fe, CLICK HERE, hosts a wine and artisan cheese tasting featuring Colorado biodynamic-organic winery Jack Rabbit Hill, CLICK HERE, on Friday, April 23 from 6-8 p.m. Denver Urban Homesteading is a creating a thriving local food and sustainable living hub — and is now a Denver outlet for Ranch Foods Direct natural meat products. Learn more in future issues of the newsletter.

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