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Did you know?

… More than 70 percent of seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported. (Not at Ranch Foods Direct: it’s fished fresh in Alaska and off of the Gulf Coast.)

… The least developed countries in the world will pay 90 percent more for food this year than they did in 2000.

Anyone care for lighter fare?

of dip

The Denver Broncos don’t appear to be Super Bowl-bound this year. Still, winter sports are likely to inspire plenty of parties. The tastiest dip in the world, CLICK HERE, is equally easy to make.

Tailgates and pre-games
This month, all brats and hot dogs are 10% off (including the famous Bristol Beer Brats for tailgating.)

Did you know?
Studies have shown that supplementing your diet with 1/3 cup of fresh pecans daily offers the same benefits as taking a cholesterol-lowering drug.


January 2008 - HERE'S TO A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

“Establishing goals is all right if you don't let
them deprive you of interesting detours.”
- Doug Larson

It’s Greek to me
Rare meat, fine wine defines Mediterranean table

From atop the white cliffs, an azure blue sea drifts off into the distance, beyond handmade pots overflowing with colorful fruits and grains…

At Jake and Telly’s, a popular Old Colorado City restaurant that transports you to the Mediterranean with its brightly painted walls and enchanting Greek menu, several updates are planned to toast the new year.

Two years ago dashing owner-operator Jake Topakas — who owns the place with a brother in San Francisco and launched it in part with an investment from his father — had a religious experience of sorts involving his personal health. “I’ve had a huge turnaround in terms of what goes into my body,” he said during a visit at the bar, where he invited me to sample various reds from his expertly chosen wine collection. “No fast food or mass produced food. I can truly feel a difference in the past six months, especially. If I don’t eat organically, I can feel it the next day.”

Lightly cooked and carefully seasoned meat is highly prized in Greece, and Jake’s native tastes — plus his new level of culinary awareness — have made him a big believer in Ranch Foods Direct. “That’s all I have at home,” he says. “The things I spend money on are the simple pleasures.” He also proudly features select Callicrate Beef items on his menu, including a delicious-sounding gourmet burger, a lightly grilled “beefteki” ground beef appetizer and a weekly chef’s special served with asparagus and garlic dill mashers.

“What I like about Ranch Foods Direct is that I can make a traditional Greek dish and just make it that much better by using Callicrate Beef,” he says. “As of right now, my favorite cut is the tri-tip: we’ve ordered it three times.”

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Blue Spruce “meat guru”:
Callicrate Beef better than prime

Back in August 2006, we profiled Blue Spruce Market, as the exciting new deli and market opened its doors for the first time in nearby Evergreen. (CLICK HERE to revisit that article.)

The store’s “meat guru,” Peter Woods, who typically works the meat counter, recently waxed poetic about Callicrate Beef as he seasoned prime rib roasts for the holidays. Peter comes to Colorado from Richmond, Va., where he worked for one of the few markets certified to sell Certified Angus Beef at retail. “This beef is far and away better than CAB,” he said, as he laced white string between the rib-bones of a luscious Callicrate beef roast. “I tell people this. And I’ve been doing this for 30-some years. I’ve been cooking and selling meat since I was in my 20s.”


Pet food for peak performance

Pets — as well as people — need to start the year off on the right foot, nutritionally speaking. To keep his sled dogs racing at peak performance, Kurt Reich buys his wholesome raw pet food from Ranch Foods Direct.

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Lesson plans:
Beefing up reading, writing and arithmetic

Local foods advocate Melissa Marts and Kara Goff, dietitian for Colorado Springs District 11 schools, shared the spotlight on local TV channels 5 and 30 in December, promoting an alliance between Ranch Foods Direct and the city’s largest school district. The moral of the story? It is possible to change the world one burger at a time. Helping kids excel — what could have a bigger impact.

CLICK HERE to watch the segment.

CLICK HERE to read Melissa’s report.

“I’d rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.”
- Our first president, George Washington

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