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Want a cool, local grocery in EDo?


Here's how you can help make it happen!

We have a 60-day option to purchase a 4,200 square foot commercial building with a large parking lot at 710 Central Avenue SE - one block west of I-25 and the Hotel Parq Central (see photos below).


We need 2 things to get the store open:


1.  People - we need experienced grocery managers and workers.


2.  Money - we need $400,000 in equity capital to open the store.  We are not going to borrow money.  Ideally, we would have a $10,000 investment from 40 local people.  There is strength in numbers.  Our investors will not only be our owners, they will be our customers and our marketing engine!


This will be a locally owned, locally managed, and locally successful business - if it happens. 


We need your help! 


If you, or someone you know, is an experienced grocery professional, please send us their contact information by clicking here.


If you, or someone you know, might be interested in investing in The Daily Market, please send us contact information by clicking here. 


This is not a formal offer to invest in The Daily Market, just an offer to send investment information for consideration in the near future. 


Here is an Executive Summary of our Business Plan.  The full Business Plan will be shared with future managers, employees, and investors. 


We think this is an ideal location for The Daily Market - 25,000 cars a day pass by on Central Avenue, and 100,000 cars a day pass one block away on I-25.  We even have a sign on our roof to let them know we're open!


We look forward to hearing from you. 


The Daily Market Team


Pre-renovation storefront - -please note I-25 one block away, and our rooftop sign.



View of future Daily Market from rooftop of Hotel Parq Central at 806 Central SE.


Back of Store

The back of the building and a portion of the large parking lot -  

that's Lovelace hospital 3 blocks away;  Presbyterian Hospital is 2 blocks away. 


Holy Cow 

Holy Cow Restaurant one building away - opening first week of July 2011 - days away! 

That's an outdoor beer & wine garden with lots of shade.

For more information,  

contact The Daily Market Team

at (505) 515-5066