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Beloved Issue #14
"What's in a name?  Claiming the Beloved within"
July 23, 2008

I have some very special news in this issue that I am so very excited to share with you!

In this issue you'll find out about how I've changed my name and why Spirit guided me to do so (we even have pictures to prove it ; )
As well as a new feature, Beloved Astrology Reports. Are you interested in knowing what the stars hold for you and your your partner or potential partner?

And last but certainly not least,  we are having our first ever Manifesting Your Beloved in Los Angeles! August 30 & 31st. If you've had friends from Southern California who've wanted to attend but have found it a bit too far, this is their chance to get a live experience of the workshop! Simply scroll to the bottom of this newsletter and forward it to them. But do it soon as seats will fill fast!

All my love,'ll have to find out what my new name is below...

Manifesting Your Beloved 2 Day Intensive for the first time in Los Angeles!

Once upon a time
"Are you finally ready to have the LOVE of your Dreams?

  • Breaking through old emotional resistance (with lightening speed and a hilarious new method)
  • Discovering Your Divine Relationship Blueprint - so that you can immediately see if the person in front of you is a "key" (to your Beloved) or a keeper (the Beloved himself)
  • Anchoring into your body your Divine Feminine essence (the source of easy creation, abundance, beauty and ecstasy) and know how to access it instantly, always!
  • Learning how to receive and practice divine guidance. Participate in a live demonstration of synchronicity and learn how to use it to guide you.
  • Freeing yourself from all negative beliefs about men and relationships.
Listen to what women have had to say:

"I met my beloved about 3 weeks after I attended the workshop."

"When I attended Manifesting Your Beloved workshop with Bella I had already done a lot of work and I didn't expect a whole lot but it really blew me away...I experienced a lot of connection with myself and a new vibrancy. My creativity was sparked and I had a billion ideas I'm still nurturing months later and the best part is that I met my beloved about 3 weeks after I attended the workshop. I get chills as I say that. If you're hesitating and you want to meet your beloved just do it. Thank you Bella!"
~ Jen Aly, Happily Ever Now Coaching, Santa Cruz

"Bella's grasp of the subject matter was truly awesome, plus the way she teaches is dynamic and fun. She gave so much useable, practical info that I am using right now! I feel much more sure that I can manifest wonderful relationships with men NOW, not 5 years from now." -
Tori Coto, Restorative Resources

"I have attended many workshops, classes, etc. on manifesting the relationships of your life, so to speak and this workshop was so different, so unique-truly a spiritual as well as practical process. I'm both impressed and grateful to and for Bella who has such a unique and clear method of teaching. What a blessed weekend!"
-Lucy Fassbinder Speech & Language Pathologist

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"What's in a Name - Claiming the Beloved within"

About a year and a half ago, I started to get the sense that my name no longer resonated with who I was anymore. It may have been a combination of things, #1 the possibility of marrying Drew and what to do with my name, and also the fact that I was coming out to the world as a love coach. I had the opportunity to rethink the whole concept of whether my name was in alignment with who I was becoming.

And while I have appreciated all the experiences that my given name has afforded me, it started to feel heavy. Cynthia Tsai, for some reason, didn't evoke ease, and there was a desire for my name to inspire an inner smile, a deep recognition that when I announced myself and when people called me by it that I would feel truly called forth, that my true essence not that of my cultural heritage, would shine.

So I went through books of names, letting them roll off my tongue, from Audrey, to Jacquelyn, to Celia, Natalie was a forerunner for awhile, but sounded a bit too organized (which may not have been a bad thing). But nothing stuck, so I let it go and figured, like the story of an old African tradition where the mother waits under a tree to hear the name of her unborn child, I would wait until the name came to me. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, a good friend who is quite intuitive said,

"They're saying that there is a name for you if you're still considering a new one,"

"Oh yeah?" My eyes widened. I hadn't thought it about it for 6 months. "What? What is it?"

"Bella" she said.

I was immediately flattered that my higher self wanted me to own and claim this name. And by the grin that appeared on my face I realized that embodying such a name was a healing act in itself. One of my core beliefs growing up was that I was not beautiful. I can't tell you the number of times I heard people say, "wow your mother is so beautiful, you look so much like your father." Somehow I got it into my head that my mother's role was to be beautiful, my father to be powerful, and me, well, to look like my dad?  I felt that if I ever was to be considered beautiful, it might somehow be competing with my mother's position in the family and thus threaten her survival in some fashion.

Bell--ah. I rolled it off my tongue the entire afternoon, and we both agreed it was easy, exotic, abundant, endearing without being entirely ostentatious.

I went home and tried out a bunch of combinations for the last name: Bella Tsai, Bella Tsai-Freeman, Bella Freeman, looked up the numerological vibration of each word and decided that none of them quite fit. And then it hit me: Bella Shing. Shing Shing is my Chinese name which although it sounds like the same word twice but written down is actually two separate words "Fragrant" and "Heart." Unfortunately, when you put these the two words together it also sounds like the word for Gorilla- my father had a strange sense of humor.

Yet another reason to change the name. But I always identified with the heart, and so I decided to keep it. So Bella Shing, the name can be interpreted to mean Beautiful Heart.

That weekend, Drew had planned to whisk me away for the weekend as a surprise birthday treat.  I decided I'd wait to ask him what he thought. That Friday morning, Drew got me up at 5:00 am and told me to pack light but bring a passport. He joked all week that he was whisking me off to Fresno. Nothing wrong with Fresno, but well, you don't need a passport.

When we drove past the San Jose airport, and Drew made a move as if to get off at the 680 exit (towards Fresno), almost held my breath, but then he took a turn for the Oakland Airport and at the security gate, handed me boarding passes for Seattle.

Great! I had never spent any significant time there and was looking forward to spend a luxurious weekend in that beautiful city.  But as it turns out, we weren't staying for long. The minute we landed and I asked him what hotel we were staying at, he said, we weren't. We were getting on a boat!

I got to use my passport afterall! Drew ended up taking me to Victoria, British Columbia. He knew that the princess in me needed and outing and when we got to our hotel, I revealed my new & very princessly name to him. He took to it immediately. Having him whisper Bella in my ear knowing it wasn't just a compliment but was my moniker opened up my heart in a completely new way.

He reminded me of how he had changed his name from Andy to Drew when he entered college. In our culture, we have barely any rites of passages, and I realized that my entire work with women is about helping them to reclaim the part of themselves that is Source Energy, and not the personas that have been handed down through generations, genetic nor social.

And while I was already enthused by it, I guess the Universe wanted to make sure I knew that it was indeed my new name by giving me plenty of signs. The first one Drew pointed out as we were walking
on Johnson street after having high tea at the Empress Hotel.Bella On Johnson

He liked the idea of Bella on Johnson. Naughty man. Ok, maybe not such a coincidence, having a beauty boutique called Bella. The next day however, as Drew was waiting for me outside of the hotel,he saw a little dog on the bench. Her owner was training her to stay. Bellas He lifted her tag and what did he see?Bella Dog
Yup, and if that doesn't beat all, when I returned home, my dear friend presented me with a present honoring my new name. She knew that I had changed it to Bella, but she didn't know what Shing meant. And this is what she gave me:Beautiful Heart

She said, when she handed it to me, "This is a book for all your serendipitous experiences as Bella."

Yes, as Bella Shing indeed.

If you would like publish this article, you have permission as long as you include this complete information with it:

Bella Shing is a Spiritual Love Coach who helps people who believe in the Law of Attraction to Manifest their Beloveds by understanding first and foremost how to be that for themselves.

She publishes the monthly "Beloved Training" Ezine where you'll get Tips, Resources, and Inspiration on how to be the Beloved all the time. Get your Free subscription at:

What the Stars say about your Love
Love in the Stars
As you know I like Astrology, and in my many years of investigating different astrologists, I've found that like intuitives, the readings vary across the board, and depending on your vibrational offering, one can attract either a reading that can further disconnect one from one's own power or instead, can serve to boost one's connection to Source. I've created a strategic alliance with an Astrologist Henry Seltzer, who I adore, and can now generate reports that I consider are both accurate and empowering. These are the charts that I've used for my relationship with Drew, that predicted exactly what we would go through at the beginning of our relationship and has come in quite handy for helping us to understand what helps us to communicate powerfully, what can trigger us, as well as how to deepen and develop our intimacy and the strength of our foundation. It has also given us insight as to how best we can create together.

There are two different kinds of Reports. One is the Relationship Compatibility Report where you discover what you inspire in one another, or how you challenge one another. And the other is the Composite Report, which looks at what the combination of your two energies create. Like ingredients for baking, does your particular combination inspire a souffle or a dense cake, for instance. These reports are dense, often 20+ pages each.

To order, select on the Report you want below, (each report is $19.95) or I can give you a discount if you order both ($29.95)
and you'll need to email me your  birthdate, time, location of birth as well as that of your partner's.

Relationship Compatibility Report
Composite Report
Both Reports

Please email your info after you order to:

email us at:
phone: 831-427-3490
visit us on the web at:
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