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Following on from my previous newsletter (see below) here is the next instalment of 15 things I've learnt about human beings and success in 3,500 hours.

No. 3 Plans and Strategies Make Your Action More Effective

You've probably heard the saying 'Fail to Plan - Plan to Fail'. Things do happen at times even though we don't have a strategic plan written down but putting some planning into our goals certainly increases the potential for success. Every successful business knows that. The person who is called an overnight success knows that is really true there has been months possibly years of planning and strategizing.

Let me share with you the Goal Planning strategy we use in the Dare to be Your Best 12 week coaching program.


  1. Write a S.M.A.R.T goal.  The first thing we do is ensure the goal is Specific (ie not a general goal like loose weight or save money but loose 6 kilos or save $3000). Next step is ensure the goal is Measurable. In other words you can see your progress and measure your performance because you have a step by step strategy. The 'A' stands for Attractive. It has to be something you really want to do or otherwise you will run out of motivation. 'R' stands for Realistic. Your goal must be something which is achievable and in a time frame that is realistic. Finally 'T' is for Time Framed. That means you will start achieving your goal on a particular day and know exactly what day it will be completed. There will also be dates for each individual step.
  2. Benefits of achieving the goal. This helps with the 'A' in S.M.A.R.T. Steps 2 and 3 make your goal even more attractive as you think of all the additional benefits of achieving your goal. They could be learning, more motivated, more confident, sense of pride etc.
  3. Consequences of not achieving your goal. These are things you will want to avoid. Such as failure, stress, struggle, embarrassment etc. For some people these are even more motivating than the list of benefits.
  4. What 3 obstacles could get in the way of you achieving your goal. Listing these prepares you and makes you aware of why you may not have followed through previously. Obstacles could be such things as fear, lack of knowledge, procrastination, poor time management, allowing others priorities to be more important than mine.
  5. Two ways of overcoming each obstacle. This little extra piece of forethought prepares you so you don't quit or get sidetracked.
  6. Write up your step by step strategy with target dates. Just like when you plan a trip away there will be various things you must do before you actually leave, (Eg. Research, budget, book, pay deposit, get visa or passport, final payment, pack suitcases etc etc.), there are individual steps that will take you progressively to the completion of your goal. Write them down and know what day they will be done by. Stick to it.

If you follow this simple plan and strategy you are GAURANTEED success with every goal in life whether they be financial, career, health or some other personal goal.

Make 2008 Everything You Want It to Be

Special Offer:
4 Session Package with 25% discount if booked before 1st December 2007. Act Now!

Have you every planned your entire year? Set health, finance, career, relationship, travel, social goals. This practical 4 session package has been especially designed to help you achieve that. The sessions can be done on the phone or internet (Skype) anywhere around Australia, the world or face to face in Sydney. December/January is the perfect time to do this. 

What you will need
1. Access to a computer and printer (webcam optional) or telephone line
2. 4 hours to spend with me as your person coach
3. 4 hours to devote to personal planning
4. A desire to make 2008 a year of personal achievements and fulfilment. Your best year yet!

What you will get
1. 23 page PLAN 2008 workbook
2. 4 hours of personal one on one coaching
3. Determine what did and didn't happen in 2006 and why
4. Life balance assessment in 10 individual areas of your life
5. Clarity about the most important value in each of those areas
6. Define the meaning of success for YOUR life
7. Set a personal goal in each of the 10 areas of your life
8. Goal planning strategy that is guaranteed to work
9. Understand the power of affirmations and how to use them
10. Identify self-limiting beliefs and learn how to change them

Special offer for bookings made before 1st December  2007

Normally AUS $800 receive 25% discount
Credit card facilities available. Visa, MasterCard, Bankcard
Email me for further details or to arrange for your first session.

Please note; This package does not include the usual complimentary session.

Give yourself a Christmas present that will last for years to come

A Leading Self Study Personal Development Program

Those who make personal development a priority reap the rewards of greater self-awareness, transformation in their thinking and have the tools to create the results they want to achieve in life. It has become one a multi-billion-dollar growth industry over the last decade. As there are so many products available in this area, it's often difficult to decide which one which is the right one for you. Most individuals and companies tell us THEIR program is 'life changing'. One of the best ways to evaluate the effectiveness of a program is to speak with an actual user we know and trust.

I came across The Delfin Knowledge System™ (DKS) in 1998 which resulted in a genuine life changing experience and has given me the tools to be where I am today. This information was the turning point that helped me to discover my life purpose, which I mention in my autobiography 'A Life of Unlearning - a journey to find the truth'. The 7-day conference I attended in Mexico in 1999 is also mentioned in Chapter 20, 'and the pieces finally fit'. At the conference I created a dream board and I can honestly say that the majority of the amazing things I envisioned on that board have come to pass. The board still sits in front of me in my workspace as a reminder of what lies ahead in my future. You can see why the DKS comes with my strong recommendation.

If you'd like to know more about this leading personal development self study program then email me for details.

This weeks testimonials

For about two years I'd talked about doing the Dare to be Your Best coaching program but always had an excuse of being too busy, already knew what I wanted to do etc etc.  Eventually though, I committed the time to be coached by Anthony.  
It was amazing. I think that the program was excellent and like the best training courses, even though it was very simple and straight forward, it still challenged me. My self awareness increased dramatically and the autopilot got switched off. I became more conscious of things I'd taken for granted and it helped me to appreciate what is really important for me. I learned to dream and by doing that can imagine a better future and how I will shape that in harmony with my personal values. I finished the course with a significantly improved understanding in many areas.

Anthony personally was an excellent coach with the right balance of challenging me whilst, at the same, time never making me feel judged.

I wish I had taken the course sooner.

John Maley - Human Resource Manager

 "Dare to be your best" was the first thing I have ever done in my life that was for me and me only. I'm so grateful that I took the time to get to know myself!

I went into coaching with certain expectations but I came out with so much more and it was totally unexpected - which made it all the more interesting! It gave me a greater insight into myself and most importantly, it made aware of the areas in my life that desperately required attention.

I had never been one to set goals or be competitive in life because I was so afraid of disappointment or failure but life coaching made me see that "There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. The best way to forecast the future is to create it."

Life Coaching has given me the tools I needed to shape my future the way I want it.
Thankyou again Anthony!!

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15 Things I've Learnt

I keep records. One excel spreadsheet keeps a record of the number of coaching hours I've done. Why? Well, for accreditation with the International Coaching Federation one must maintain records of clients, hours coached etc. I was totalling up this month and saw that over the last 6 years I've coached 3.350 hours.  That's a lot of hours. Enough for me to apply for accreditation as a Master Coach: the highest level possible. The variety of clients has been enormous from people wanting to re-enter the work force after a time of unemployment to executives, a couple of celebrities and even a millionaire. People use a coach for different reasons but the one thing they all have in common is that they all want change.

It made me stop and think "what have I learnt over those 3,350 hours". I wrote down 15 things immediately and will develop each of these in more detail in the coming newsletters. I know these are true as I've seen them all in action.

  1. Anything is possible
  2. Nothing happens without action
  3. Plans and strategies make your action more effective
  4. Success is simple and uncomplicated
  5. Commitment and persistence is what takes you to the finishing line
  6. If you don' reward yourself you'll burnout
  7. Accountability is the missing component in the personal development industry
  8. Without a compelling future your life progress is greatly reduced
  9. There is no such thing as bad self awareness. Understanding your weaknesses is as important as knowing what your strengths are.
  10. Learning how to be present ensures your life will be more enjoyable and not just on auto-pilot
  11. Everyone needs to define success for themselves
  12. For every obstacle there will always be several options to overcome it
  13. Write down the goals and dreams you have for your life and review them regularly
  14. Sh*t happens. You didn't attract it all into your life. But deal with it anyway.
  15. Every human being can do more, be more and have more. No-one is living to their fullest potential.
When Would You Benefit from Life Coaching?

When you're:

  • wanting a change in your career
  • navigating changes in your life
  • starting up a new business
  • wanting to change the habit of procrastination
  • tolerating too much and recognise it's time for change
  • stuck and wanting to move forward
When you need:
  • to discover personal empowerment
  • strategic planning in your finances, social life, health, career
  • greater understanding of your journey or self discovery
  • to increase performance in your job or business
  • clarity and accountability around goal setting
  • to bring your life into balance
  • to understand your life purpose, mission and vision
  • assistance with time management and decision making
  • to identify and change the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • to increase your salary or reduce the stress of finances
  • to clarify your values and beliefs and find out what will truly fulfil you


'A Life of Unlearning'
Revised Second Edition
Totally re-written with an additional 80 pages
A Life of Unlearning - A Journey to Find the Truth is Australia's Brokeback Mountain and Ted Haggard stories rolled into one. It's a behind the scenes look into the life of a high profile preacher who, believing being gay made him unacceptable to God and others, struggles to resolve his homosexuality and his Christian beliefs. Ultimately, this honest account is as story of resolution, the impact the author's courage has on others and what it means to live authentically.

"Human stories, like the one in these pages, play a part in advancing understanding and acceptance. It is the story of a quest to find not only self-acceptance but one of the most powerful forces in nature-human love.."

The Hon. Michael Kirby
Anthony Venn-Brown
Life Coach - Author - Speaker
Personal Success Australia
+ 61 2 9699 2448 or 0416 015 231