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January 2012   

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Trend Forecast for 2012

Welcome to the ninth exciting issue of Design Directions keeping you in touch with the latest news with both Avalon Interiors and the design industry.

If there are any topics or trends you would like to read more about, or have heard of a new and interesting product you'd like to share with all my readers, please feel free to contact me at tracy@avalonInteriors.com and I'll respond in a future issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you and keeping you up to date on the latest happenings in the design world,

Kind regards,

Tracy Kundell,

Avalon Interiors


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A Personal Note

As some of you may or may not know I suffered from a brain hemorrahage over the holidays. I have made a remarkable recovery and am feeling 100%.
I want to thank all of you for your tremendous outpouring of support and well wishes it was truly overwhelming and much appreciated!

I have always lived beyond my means and seized the moments but this was certainly an eyeopener that has made me even more grateful for all my wonderful family, friends and super clients. Thanks again for your patience while I convalesced...it was hard to keep me down and it's good to be back in action.
2012 has a lot of making up to do!

 Trend Forecast for 2012


There is so much to say about 2012 I wont be able to cram it all into a newsletter so I will be blogging about some of the specifics.
Where to begin? First  and foremost, gone are the days of minimalism. More is More! That doesn't mean you can become a hoarder it just means that we are now craving pure decoration and looking for those finishing touches that help add layers of personality to our spaces. We are becoming curators of collections and we seek guru's for their advice. More and more we are looking to professionals for their expertise and finally we truly appreciate the inherent value and quality in the items and services we acquire. One great site to help with your own curated collection is Pinterest. If your not familiar definitely check it out! Another site is Opensky which allows you to follow the shopping recommendations of major players in the world of design, fashion and more.

Janette Ewen said "Be aware of what is 15 seconds ahead and do something about it 3 seconds before". This is true of trends as we are mindful of what is emerging, they don't just happen a true trend is slowly emerging and then becomes prevalent.
I love it when I'm right, it just one of those things that makes you want to give yourself a pat on the back. So here's my 3 second reminder...In 2010 I wrote a newsletter (see January 2010 archives on my website) predicting that there would be a British invasion in home decor and furnishings it was subtle trend I picked up on boy was it everywhere this year! Nice to know you are getting a scoop 2 years in advance! OK enough gloating. The difference this year than in 2010 is that the fabrics are even more rustic, we're seeing a lot of burlap being used and the Union Jack gets an update by using black instead of blue on large pieces.

We are finally passing the decade of fear when it comes to colour and it's not just beige anymore. Far from in fact! Pantone says the colour of the year is Tango Tangerine. While both Benjamin Moore and Para are offering more subdued versions of this fiery colour I love it full on!
 I am having Indigo dreams and plan on a complete re-do of my bedroom (watch for blog pictures when completed). 
Benjamin Moore now has a new strategy for paint which I personally feel is very welcome. While they still create forecast palettes and have a Colour of the Year (This year is Wythe Blue) the difference is that they are toned versions of what the market is showing in furniture and accessories. Thankfully this makes painting your walls in liveable colours much easier. For example we are seeing alot of neon and bright colours this year, in particular in Coral. While not everyone can live with neon they can certainly fall in love with Benjamin Moores "Persimmon" and inject the neons in smaller hits into the room.

Colour blocking is also a big trend. We see it in fashion with bright neon pants and high contrast tops and accessories and also in home decor with patchwork fabrics and furniture. Check out the area rug below made from old silk ties!  

The lighting trends were a real standout. Two in particular that I am calling "Caging" and "Clustering". These were everywhere, not just in pendants, and chandeliers but also floor lamps with multiple heads were seen with a very vintage feel. This caging and clustering doesn't stop with lighting alone we are also seeing a lot of tables clustered together and caged furniture as well.

Affordable, natural and recyclable, felt is an eco-friendly alternative. It can be dyed any color and molded into any shape, making it a favorite for everything from lights to pillows to furniture. 

Forget about your grandma's doilies this years trend for crochet and lace is chic and romantic.

Every show I went to showcased gears of some sort. As we look for furniture to be multifunctional there were a lot of adjustable height tables than can pull double duty and they focused on the vintage industrial and nautical trends as well.

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