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April 2011  

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Welcome to the seventh exciting issue of Design Directions keeping you in touch with the latest news with both Avalon Interiors and the design industry.

If there are any topics or trends you would like to read more about, or have heard of a new and interesting product you'd like to share with all my readers, please feel free to contact me at tracy@avalonInteriors.com and I'll respond in a future issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you and keeping you up to date on the latest happenings in the design world,

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Tracy Kundell,

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A New Look For Avalon 

I am so happy to announce that my new website has finally launched! 

It has been several months in the making to re-vamp the logo and website to make it even more user friendly and really be a reflection of everything we stand for at Avalon Interiors.

The portfolio has several options for viewing that I'm certain you will enjoy scrolling through.

We will be adding a new video in the next few months of a fantastic downtown condo and will be regularly updating the portfolio gallery to include recent projects for you to enjoy.

It has been such a busy time and I thank all of my clients for making it a special year already! 

Please check out our new look at www.avaloninteriors.com 

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Walk All Over It: Area Rugs  


One of the most overlooked accessories for interiors is the area rug.

Many homes have them, but they often do very little to enhance the space and increase its aesthetic appeal.


If you want to get the most bang for your buck, use area rugs strategically to add intrigue to your home.  Here is a quick education on what these gems can do for you.


To begin with, area rugs help to define a space by establishing parameters of a seating group or a particular area.  They also serve to pull all of the elements in that space together.  They help create harmony. All too often I see homes with area rugs that are too small for the space. Usually budget was a factor in choosing the smaller rug. This is a huge mistake! Area rugs define the space and can make the space look larger so wait until you have a suitable budget and invest in a rug that fits the space properly! 


Nothing sets a style quite like an area rug.  Whether your space is formal or modern, there is a rug that will clearly support your look.  Rugs that feature florals or an abstract blending of colours can be both classic and formal.  For modern spaces, choose sharp geometrics, or rugs with a clear contrast of colours.

I recently installed these two custom area rugs from Modernweave and they are truly works of art, even the designers signature is hand knotted into the loom. Check out www.modernweave.com for more great woven inspiration.

Love StoriesQuick Silver


Area rugs can be used over wood floors, tile, laminate, and just about any other surface, including wall-to-wall carpeting.  They are smashing accessories in entryways, warmly welcoming visitors as they enter.

Area rugs are a fantastic way to add texture to a room. This is important particularly if there are a lot of smooth surfaces and fabrics. A heavy texture can bring needed balance.

Use area rugs for a burst of colour or a pop of pattern.  Even small rugs can do the trick. The smaller the rug, the bolder you can get with pattern or colour.  Go wild for a change! Animal print rugs act as neutrals and still give you a fantastic design edge.


When using area rugs under a dining table, make sure all of the legs are on the rug.  You can also set it up so that the chairs remain on the rug even when they are pulled out.  In family or living rooms, use an area rug under the coffee table to highlight it. Make sure the rug is bigger than the table!


Try angling area rugs to add excitement.  Even if your sofa remains straight, you can angle the area rug and coffee table in front of it.

Finally, a word on safety. When using area rugs over slick surfaces, add pads underneath. This will prevent slips and slides.


Enjoy your new art!


Trends 2012 

Watch for my latest blog on trends for 2012! I've been furiously attending trade shows and seminars and keeping up with industry news so you don't have to! Get it all in a quick and exciting format by subscribing to my blog and stay ahead of the curve!

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