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Welcome to the third  issue of Design Directions. I know that I said these newsletters would be published quarterly but sometimes there are things just too exciting to share that cannot wait.

I recently attended several trade events that forecast the trends for 2010 and what better time to share this with you than as we approach the New Year.

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday &  Prosperous New Year!

Warm regards,

Tracy Kundell

Avalon Interiors


 Watch Tracy on Global Television Morning News

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Don't miss Tracy in action as she offers her design expertise on decorating your home for the holidays on Global's morning news at 8:45am December 2nd.

Holiday Decorating


It's never too early to get a head start on holiday decorating.
If you plan on doing exterior lights or urns with greenery don't
wait until it's too cold outside or you won't want to do it the ground is already getting frozen!

All of the winter greenery is already available. Some of my favorite seasonal greens are boughs of B.C. incense. cedar, seeded eucalyptus (grayer and has a draping quality that normal eucalyptus does not have), and Ontario pine. Magnolia leaves and boxwood also add a leathery sheen to any arrangement. I always like to add a bit of colour and Ilex berries are a bright orangy red and will maintain their colour throughout the winter. My all time favorite, although harder to find and a little more expensive, are pomegranate branches. These fabulous red orbs will definitely get noticed from the curb!

Consider adding a fresh bough of pine or cedar to you dining
room chandelier, or around an entranceway mirror instead of the door. Light a garland around the staircase handrail.

You don't have to over-complicate things, a simple glass container filled with Christmas balls can be very effective when flanked on a mantle or dining table.

Regardless of your religion, the holidays are a time to rejoice and your home should reflect the warmth of the season.

Trim a Tree, Garland a Mantle Deck the Halls!
Avalon Interiors can make your festivities merry & bright!
Decorating your home for the holidays need not be a time consuming and tedious affair.
Relax this Christmas and have your home decorated by a professional interior designer.
Creative and innovative ways to dress up your home for the holidays. We will even hang and store your exterior lights!

Very affordable rates

In The News

Tracy was recently featured in an industry trade magazine
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Trend Forecast 2010

I thought 2001 sounded futuristic and now I am writing about 2010! It's hard to believe that things that I dreamed about or heard about as a child growing up are now actual products on the market. I know I sound old, but it still amazes me that I can video chat online with my son in British Columbia! We compare our university experiences with his research and projects done online and on computers and mine with a typing service or lots of white-out.
Technology has driven the design industry to new heights and standards in so short a time that it is crucial for me to stay current. As the New Year approaches there are always lots of trade events that I attend to keep abreast of the new trends to watch for in home design and furnishings.
With so many people downsizing, efficient use of space is a priority, so we're seeing a trend towards clever storage ideas, expandable and multi-functional furniture and accessories are all the rage. While multi-purpose isn't new it is evolving to more customizable pieces.
Modern/contemporary remains the dominant style of furniture and we are seeing a lot of double duty pieces with flexibility in their designs.
Light, simple shapes and graphic lines are everywhere and as we move into 2010 shapes that elicit organic movement will be pre-dominant with products that are evolving and constantly transforming in abstract form. The use of wood, especially reclaimed and recycled wood are on the rise. Stains are still on the dark side, but the return of clear natural finishes is also being seen and will be even more predominant as we move into 2010.

Increase in the use of handiwork and the authenticity of the piece is becoming more important. Middle Eastern influences are still strong with hand painted fabrics and clothing and one of's. Look for the push into "Personalization" as a key word for 2010 where one of a kind completely customized furniture, fabrics and clothing become available. You can get your car sprayed in a booth with over 5000 graphic patterns for a one of kind look!

Graphics are on the rise on kitchen cabinets, tables and furniture. Swarovski crystal is on everything. Men will be happy to know that sports are becoming a part of the design process with sport technical fabrics being used and athletic themed  furniture such as tennis ball stool or bike seat chairs. Ingenuity is all about having fun and looking things in a new way, look for products to be outside the box of classic design.

For 2009 Grey is trendy with hits of yellow and green and pink. Black and white graphics are still a big hit and as we move into 2010 look for this to evolve into gradations of colour. 2010's largest colour trend is monochromatic. Purple is one of the more powerful colour trends for 2010. Lilacs, violets and plums, aubergines, even the blues have ink, indigo and purple undertones that add electricity to the palette.

Scary I know but 70's kitchens are coming back! Please tell me you won't go there!
Gold (metallic) is exploding into everything, with bronze and silver following suit...basically anything metallic.
I saw a lot of products at the shows that are molten and melted organic shapes. Chandeliers with dripping wax, chairs made of PVC tubes melted together and creating living art.
2010 is looking like a very modern world where anything is possible in design. The technological advances in engineering and design and manufacturing have given us the ability to really dream big!

Having said all this about trends it is never wise to follow them too closely. Trends are best enjoyed in moderation, about 10% is a good rule of thumb for incorporation and spending of your decorating dollars.
 It's nice of course, to have your home look current, but changing a whole look can be very expensive

Remember to stick to a neutral palette for large long-term investment pieces. Neutral does not have to mean beige! Keep in mind that some trends are destined to have staying power while others are merely a fad or hype and disappear almost as quickly as they came. It's not about keeping up with Jones's but about keeping it fresh and most importantly, pleasing yourself.


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