Fall 2008 at Blue Moon Ranch 
October 2008

 open barn days 2008Fourth Annual Open Barn Days a big success! 

The weather gods smiled on us and  we had two very pleasant fall days to enjoy the many visitors who came to the ranch this year. Our "yarns with faces", where each skein is identifed with the face of the animal it came from, were very popular and some are sold out til next year. We love to show off our alpacas and the wonderful things we make from their fiber. Next year our Fifth Annual Open Barn Days plans are already in motion - mark Sept 26- 27, 2009 on your calendar! 
A new bloodline for BMR
Archangle of Cas-Cad Nac Farms in Vermont

We purchased CCNF Truffle at the AOBA Auction this year.  We decided to have her bred to Archangel , pictured above to bring a new bloodline to the BMR herd.  She is expected to arrive in Utah in late October with a little Archangel cria riding along inside her! This is one time we really wouldn't mind having a boy!
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 Management tip of the month  To keep your pastures smelling fresh and to minimize puddling, try wood pellets designed for wood stoves. They do look a lot like the alpaca pellets that we feed our herd, but one sniff and both alpacas and people know the difference!  At this time of year you can find them in places like Home Depot and Lowe's.   We use them on the barn floor all winter to keep the "potty zones " from spreading.  The fresh wood smell is better than the alternative and they even make a nice addition to the compost pile.
Sophie hugs Nana Featured Alpaca: BMR Sophie 
So many visitors have given hugs to our sweet Sophie that she has earned the reputation of the huggable alpaca.  She is now pregnant with her first cria by Peruvian Presidential Bull and we expect great things!  Sophie is a big girl with a heart of gold, and some amazingly soft fiber.  Histogram pending - I expect her AFD will be under 20 microns. Offered at 17,000 which includes one full year of boarding (a $1200 vlaue) and a rebreeding to a BMR herdsire of your choice. (up to a $3000 value)
 Discouraged by the Economy? 
Well who isn't?  It's scary out there, especially for those who invest heavily in the stock market.    We are still happy to have stock walking around the pastures who can maintain a healthy value for us.  Fact: the Oct 2008 Magical Farms Auction had an average alpaca sale price of $24,441.00 with a total of 78 alpacas being sold. Not bad....not bad at all!

kukinda yarn scarf A New Web Feature

Have you made something fabulous with Blue Moon Alpaca Yarn?   We want to give you the spotlight!  We will soon feature a gallery page for all creations made from alpaca. Thanks to Millie from Canada for this great idea!  Come on don't be shy!  Send a photo to me as soon you finish your project!  email to  linda@bluemoonranch.net 
What's New in the Store?
Come visit or shop on-line .  New soap scents available for the holiday season as well as fun hand spun yarns.  Make someone a hat or scarf this holiday season!  We'll even help you with a pattern.  Not all items in our store are on the web site at this time.  Come shop by appointment any time you like.  Email us  linda@bluemoonranch.net

A favorite Quote
"The way to have a happy life is to be so busy doing what you like all the time that there is no time left to think about whether you are happy."
George Bernard Shaw  
Free Shipping! 
If you order 3 or more skeins of yarn from October 15 through Nov 1. we will ship it to you for free!   Offer applies to shipping with in the continental  USA only - please ask about a discount for locations outside the USA.  Mention Code FS1108
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Offer Expires: November 1
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