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An aha moment changes our view of the world in an instant, and compels us to do things differently from that day on.

Enjoy this week's Aha Moment.

3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed


In this short video, Ric Elias tells of his amazing aha experience - one he experienced during the crash of Flight 1549 on the Hudson River, on which he had a front-row seat.


What we would add to Ric's story...


Ahas fundamentally change us for the better. The solution to a problem suddenly becomes clear. We see priorities more clearly. But more importantly, we act on them. The insight is so clear it is impossible not to do something with it.


We shouldn't wait for a plane crash to experience an aha. We should seek them out. When faced with a problem, ahas are squelched by our past experience, unconscious assumptions, and the sheer momentum of doing things the way we always have. But we can actively challenge these, and should.




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March 6, 2012

We are growth experts. We specialize in creating aha moments that enable you to out-think and out-execute your competition, and surpass them.

 3 ways to create more
aha moments

Challenge One Assumption
Identify one assumption you make about your customer's view of your product or service -- Challenge it. 
Here's a starting assumption we often
run across.
"They know my difference versus competitors." 

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