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An aha moment changes our view of the world in an instant, and compels us to do things differently from that day on.  


  New Marketing 101 --- Shut Up --- And Listen 


In this short video, Alexis Ohanian shares how Greenpeace listened, gave up control, lightened up and made a huge splash in social media --- and set about saving the humpback whale.


As business people we can learn from Greenpeace.


God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we would listen twice as much as we talk. Always good advice --- but, even more important today.


In today's world of multi-channel, digitally-driven communications, companies and particularly marketers have ever expanding avenues to tell their story and sell their message. But more than ever, consumers (and people in general) don't want to be talked to so much as they want to be listened to --- and be heard --- and have somebody do something about it. Social media is giving them their voice --- and that voice has power.


Today companies no longer have control and ever lessening influence over their company's reputation and their brand perception. Social media has transferred that power into the hands and voices of the consumer. It used to be that consumers voted with their pocketbooks. Now they make their voice heard in a nano-second ---and, it doesn't cost anything. Social media can make or break a company, its reputation and a brand --- think Toyota --- think BP.


Toyota listened to the consumer. They did not attempt to control the message --- they were genuine, open, honest and  transparent --- listened --- did something about it --- and they recovered.


BP focused on defending their reputation and their brand. They told their story --- defended their position --- sold their message --- and their reputation and brand haven't recovered since.


A few years ago, in an attempt to save the humpback whales, Greenpeace attempted to give the effort and it's mascot whale a serious name to reflect the serious initiative --- something like Kaimana --- Polynesian for The Divine Power of the Ocean. Instead, 78% of people polled voted for Mr. Splashy Pants --- the next closet (serious) name garnered 3%. Greenpeace listened --- and turned the name into one of its most successful campaigns and accomplished their objectives. Watch the short video.


It's OK to lose control. It's OK to take yourself a little less seriously. Listen --- you'll learn something



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March 27, 2012

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Are your Listening?


Do you do something about it?


Do you monitor your website Contact Us page daily? Do you have a tracking and response measurement system in place?


Do you monitor your Facebook page and Twitter account in real-time or as close to it as possible?


Is one person ultimately responsible for customer service and email inquiry responses?


Is consumer feedback part of your planning process and sales/marketing campaign development?


Is what you're hearing from your customers filtered through what you want to hear? Are you missing the real message? Are you doing anything about it?


Are you listening to the digital world?

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