Winter 2012


Hyperion Bank Adopts Don Quixote Statue


Don Quixote Statue

Being a part of our community means more than just providing the personalized, customer focused service you can only get from a community bank like Hyperion Bank.  It means helping our community grow, prosper and improve.

It's about giving back and investing in our community. 


Recently, Hyperion Bank has arranged with a local

landscaper to improve the appearance of a very special neighbor.  He has come to be known as our mascot and represents to us the power and the promise of Main Street banking versus Wall Street banking.  He is Don Quixote de la Mancha.  We hope you will notice the next time you are in the neighborhood that his planting beds are cleaned and mulched and the roses pruned so that our wonderful friend

at 2nd & Girard will always look his best.


Know the History

Ever wonder how the bronze statue of Don Quixote got there?  The Spanish city of Ciudad Real in the region of La Mancha gifted this 14-foot bronze sculpture to the Spanish-speaking people of South Kensington in 1997 as a token of friendship and cooperation between the two communities. The idea of the sculpture was conceived in 1994 when a visiting delegation of Spanish businessmen met with local representatives of the American Street Empowerment Zone; both groups saw an opportunity to increase economic exchange between pan-Latino South Kensington and Spain. Placed at the gateway to the American Street Empowerment Zone, Quixote overlooks the razed site of Schmidt's Brewery - the quintessential reminder of Kensington's former industrial might - and embodies the hopes and aspirations of a neighborhood on the rise. (Source: Historical Society of Pennsylvania).

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Take advantage of current low rates & reduce your monthly mortgage payment.

Federal regulators have made key changes to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), designed to help borrowers who owe more on their loans than their house is worth. A HARP loan through Hyperion Bank can help you refinance your first mortgage even if the balance owed is more than your current home value*.This may be your only opportunity to take advantage of the newly updated program. HARP II loans are now available for qualified borrowers.  


Call us today to find out more from our mortgage professionals and to determine if you qualify.  Our staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. We pride ourselves on having the most satisfied customers in the business. 

*All loans subject to credit approval.





Stop by our Residential Mortgage Lending Department or call us

at 215-789-4480.  Toll Free at 855-731-3904.


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HyperFree Checking Offers Freedom from ATM Fees


When you use a non-Hyperion Bank ATM anywhere in the U.S. for withdrawals from your HyperFree Checking Account, we will refund your ATM fees up to $25 per statement cycle.

    • ATM Fee Rebates
    • NO Fees or Monthly Service Charges
    • NO Minimum Balance Requirements
    • Interest on Balances Over $10,000
    • FREE Online Banking with Bill Payment
    • FREE Telephone Banking
    • Unlimited Checkwriting
    • eStatements Only
    • Only $49 Deposit to Open

Don't believe the rumors...FREE Checking is alive and well at Hyperion Bank and HyperFree Checking has it all. Open your account today.

Online Check Re-Order - Fast & Easy
Check Re-Order 
Check re-orders are fast and easy online 24/7, 365 at HyperionBank.com.
Simply click on the
Check Orders link at the base of our home page.  Follow the simple step-by-step directions and in no time your check re-order will arrive. Just another way to do your banking in HyperDrive!




You've trusted us with your banking...why not your merchant services needs?

Now you can accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and electronic checks to help improve your cash flow, simplify your processing, and manage your data.

More than just processing - we're your one stop source for comprehensive business solutions including:


*Merchant Services
*POS Hospitality and Retail Systems
*Payroll Services
*ATM Placement Program
*Terminal Placement Program
*Gift & Loyalty Card Program
*Merchant Cash Advances
*Check Guarantee Program

You'll receive comprehensive, detailed reports of transaction activity and daily settlement information to help you simplify your business operations and increase revenue. Whether you operate a web site, retail store, phone center or combination thereof, our merchant services can help you with faster funding and data security.

Start accepting payments today and take advantage of these benefits:


        *Trusted Source

*Comprehensive Solutions
*Improved cash flow
*Faster funding - ZERO hold times
*Wholesale pricing
*Simplified processing
*Full support
*Better managed data

Phone your Hyperion Bank representative for more information and to find out about the 2% merchant cashback program. Ask for our Business Development Officer, Nina DeCosta at 215-789-4190.

Notice of Changes in Temporary FDIC Insurance for Transaction Accounts

All funds in a "noninterest-bearing transaction account" are insured in full by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation from December 31, 2010, through December 31, 2012. This temporary unlimited coverage is in addition to, and separate from, the coverage of at least $250,000 available to depositors under the FDIC's general deposit insurance rules.

The term "noninterest-bearing transaction account" includes a traditional checking account or demand deposit account on which the insured depository institution pays no interest. It also includes Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts ("IOLTAs"). It does not include other accounts, such as traditional checking or demand deposit accounts that may earn interest, NOW accounts and money-market deposit accounts which remain protected under the general deposit insurance rules.

For more information about temporary FDIC insurance coverage of transaction accounts, visit www.fdic.govHyperion Bank is a Member of the FDIC.