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AnnouncementApril 27, 2012
Dear Accredited Certifying Agents,


Please review the reminder below from the National Organic Program


Disclosure of Information to the Public

Accredited certifying agents (ACA) are required to disclose to the public when requested (7 C.F.R. 205, section 504(b)(5)):

  1. Certification certificates issued to operations during the current and 3 preceding calendar years.
  2. A list of producers and handlers whose operations it has certified, including the name of the operation, type(s) of operation, products produced, and the effective date of the certification, during the current and 3 preceding calendar years.
  3. The results of laboratory analyses for residues of pesticides and other prohibited substances conducted during the current and 3 preceding calendar years.
  4. Other business information as permitted in writing by the producer or handler.

Through ACA assessments, certified operation feedback, and certifier input, the NOP AIA Accreditation Managers have learned that many certifiers are not complying with these requirements.  Please review your organization's internal policies and procedures to ensure effective implementation.  Accreditation managers will contact your organization to address any specific incidents.  You may also refer to  NOP 2607, Disclosure of Information Concerning Operations Certified Under the National Organic Program, for additional guidance.


As mentioned above, this notification is a reminder, but future or reoccurring violations may result in the issuance of a noncompliance. 


If you have any questions about this message, please contact your accreditation manager.