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Compliance & Enforcement

November 17, 2011

The National Organic Program recently closed a complaint case concerning a fraudulent organic certificate that originated in Cameroon, Africa, produced by a counterfeit company. 


Reported to the NOP by an accredited certifying agent, the certificate falsely represents agricultural products as certified organic under the NOP regulations, violating the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990. It contains the following identifying information:


Operation name and location: Villa Feed Association, Bamenda, Cameroon, Africa

Certificate number: CV004-098

Products listed as certified: Sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, herbs and grains

Certifying agent and location: Agose Culture (NOTE: This is NOT a legitimate USDA accredited certifying agent)

Certificate issue location and date: Vicky Avenue, Cameroon, Africa


The NOP has not found evidence that any product was sold, labeled, or represented as organic using the fraudulent certificate.


Certifying agents and organic operations should continue to guard against these practices and notify the NOP, Compliance and Enforcement Division if they become aware of activities involving violations of USDA organic regulations. 

About Compliance and Enforcement


The Compliance & Enforcement Division of the National Organic Program ensures global compliance with the Organic Foods Production Act and the USDA organic regulations. The division processes and investigates complaints alleging violations and also conducts proactive compliance and outreach activities. Its overarching function is to enforce USDA organic standards for agricultural production, handling, and labeling. Learn more.

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The NOP facilitates trade and ensures integrity of organic agricultural products by consistently implementing organic standards and enforcing compliance with the regulations throughout the world. Learn more.

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The NOP Organic Insider is intended to inform the organic community on a wide range of NOP functions, including organic standards, accreditation and international activities, compliance and enforcement measures, the National Organic Standards Board, training events, and the Organic Certification Cost Share program.  


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