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March 2012
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Golf Classic Aug. 13
CARF survey ahead
Good fit in production
New production
March 11- Lakeville
  It's Our School Coming to LakevilleThe Lakeville Area Arts Center is hosting the Special Olympics production, "It's Our School, Too!" with a cast from ProAct on Sunday, March 11 at 7 p.m.  The story created by the Special Olympics focuses on disability issues.
Months in the making, the play is based on interviews and real life situations with young people in the Twin Cities.
ProAct Golf Classic
ProAct Golf Classic
August 13
Hastings Country Club

Accreditation survey often brings ideaCARFs

ProAct is looking fo
rward to surveyor visits this month by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). 
"They're going to provide consultation and ideas that we haven't thought of, different ways of doing things," said Sally Ogren, director of programs at ProAct in Red Wing. 

The peer-review process utilizes disability professionals from around the U.S.  Ogren has also served as a CARF surveyor for more than a decade. 
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Focused, independent, motivated to work

U-Haul employee secures job, assisted by ProAct staff  

Paul Jirovec - U-Haul Bloomington
Bloomington U-Haul Lot Manager Paul Jirovec focuses intently on customer service, and the store's rental equipment.

The rental business can be a fast-paced environment with customers waiting, equipment to check and many related tasks, and ProAct's Paul Jirovec has risen to the challenge.

Jirovec works 25 to 50 hours a week at U-Haul in Bloomington.  A lot full of some 30 vans, trailers and a propane filling station are his focus, and he takes his job seriously.
Paul Jerovic and customer
Helping a customer

Gloves open at the fingers provide warmth and good grip for the paperwork that goes with the territory.  He helps customers at the counter, and takes cues from General Manager Aaron White, who asks him to pull up vans and help people. 

For rental returns, U-Haul wants its employees to approach customers even before they get out of the vans.  "It proves dedication, proving to the customer that they're important to us," Jirovec said.  "They can't even take a breath without us waiting on them, serving them." Learn more about Jirovec in the next issue of ProAct's People Achieving newsletter.

New job calls for tedious attention to detail
Applied Power Products' filters a great fit for participants

Applied Power Products production at ProAct
Carefully assembled and glued, die cut filtering materials are one of the latest projects to enter ProAct's doors, with the addition of Applied Power Products to the nonprofit's customer base.

Felt pads are cut into large buckle like shapes that need to be prepped, stacked and glued, explains Sales Manager Greg Pechman.  The end result is a product used in filtration applications.  The labor intensive tasks were best suited to a vendor like ProAct, and allow staff members at Applied Power Products to focus on their core competencies, he explained.
hand work
At top, Eagan consumer Ryan Penrose assembles filter products on the workfloor at ProAct.  Above, final assembly and gluing.

A group of ProAct consumers will punch out the felt centers before the products move on for the more detailed gluing process, also performed by participants.
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